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When adding Microsoft Word fonts remember, they come in two types. The first is TrueType, the most common Microsoft Word font. Other programs recognize it easily. The other type is Monotype, primarily a specialty type font that uses a design to create it. Even if the letters look like lines they are images or objects translated to letters during their creation. Some bulletin boards have problems with them.

Adding fonts to your library is a fun way to express yourself in any language you choose. My personal recommendation is a site called Ultimate Font Download - you can get over 6,000 different fonts fast.

Any software program you buy for fonts will automatically load them into your ‘fonts' folder in the control panel. This is true for programs, such as Photoshop that provide their own font faces. Face refers to the shape, size, and thickness of the letters.

There are hundreds of sites to download fonts from on the Internet. Many are free while others require a purchase. Most fonts will download as zip files. Windows has an Extraction Manager that opens zipped files.

The extraction default location is ‘documents and settings'... ‘Temporary internet files'. Our font installation program would not access that area so we had to download the font again and change the download destination. We will show you how to do that.

1. Click on the download link for the font you want.

2. A screen will appear telling you what you are downloading. Click ‘open' in the bottom left corner.

3. A new screen appears and shows the zipped font.

4. in the upper left hand corner is the option to ‘extract all files', click on that.

5. The ‘extraction wizard' screen appears. Click ‘Next'.

6. Click the ‘Browse' button under the top line of text in the wizard.

7. Click ‘my computer'.

8. Click the plus sign next to ‘local disk c'.

9. Click ‘my download files'.

10. Click ‘ok' to load the destination in the bar.

11. Click the ‘next' button.

12. Click the ‘finish' button on the next screen.

13. Click the ‘x' in the far right upper corner to close the screen.

14. Close all your programs.

15. Click the ‘start' button and open the ‘control panel'.

16. Double click the ‘fonts' folder.

17. Click ‘file' and then ‘install new fonts'.

18. in the folders pane of the installation window click on C:

19. Double click ‘my download files'.

20. Look up to the ‘list of fonts' window and you'll see your font.

21. Click on the font to highlight it.

22. Click ‘ok'.

23. You should see your font in its correct alphabetical placement.

24. Your font is ready to use!

And that's all it takes to add Microsoft Word fonts to your computer. If you intend to use your new font on the Internet it would be best to check the site you are posting to and see if it accepts your font.


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