How To Find the Best Online Auction Sites

One of the most useful by-products of the expansion of the Internet is online auction. With it, you can sell various things from collector's items, memorabilia, old cars and even chips that look like Jesus Christ! An auction is good because you can set a minimum price with a product, ensuring that you at least get the amount that you've listed. There have even been times when you sell something for twice the amount you bought it, especially if this item is a collector's item in mint condition. Something you bought back then may be worth twice its amount now. Another thing about online auction is the fact that you can sell your items to people on the other side of the world thanks to courier services like FedEx. Also, with the advanced software of some of these sites, it is possible to do so anonymously. Here is a list of online auction sites.

  1. EBay. To start trading in EBay, you must have a PayPal account and have registered in their website. EBay has traded millions of collectibles, vehicles, and furnishings among others with its Auction-Style listing. These listings normally have a fixed amount of time varying from 3 - 10 days. If you are looking for a product, they have categories ranging from antiques to video games. Some prices may be undervalued which would make them a good deal, or overvalued. Check if these items are priced properly. If buying antiques or coins, it would be best to first consult with a friend who can tell if these things are not fake. Many things in EBay are allowed, although they have imposed restrictions on several items like Paraphernalia and game account trading. You may auction bid at items of your choice, and should you win the online bid, you can get your items in 7 - 14 working days, depending on your area. These services, however, are paid for by the buyer.
  2. Ebid. Ebid is another popular auction sale site, with domains in 18 countries. It has its own online payment service called PPPay that is similar to EBay's PayPal service. However, unlike EBay, Ebid gives you the options to use other payment services like PayPal and Google's Checkout service. Ebid has three options for its clients, the Buyer, a free of charge subscription where you can only buy things, the Seller, a free option that allows you to sell as well as buy things but requires credit card verification, and the Seller Plus, a paid subscription with a recurrent fee every 30 or 365 days. However, they have a onetime fee of £49.99. Unlike the free services, this service lets the user open up to five auctions at once.
  3. Goodwill Auction. Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization that spearheads campaigns for education. Their online auction sale site, features many of the same features as the other auction sale sites, however, their profit goes directly to site upkeep and funding of job training. They normally sell products that are not readily sold in regular goodwill stores.

Whatever online auction sale site you choose, you must always be wary of people who may "scam" you for fake items or broken ones. Thankfully, most of these sites have clauses against such things. Be careful and judge wisely whether an item is good enough to pay for or not, just like a normal store. The number of categories and auctions going on at any given time in any given auction sale site may be daunting, but common sense and good judgment should always stand out.


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