Find the Best Slide Scanners: Film and Negative Scanner Models

Learn About Film and Negative Scanning on the Best Scanners

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Memories do fade. That is why as much as possible, people want to keep these memories, for instance, by creating scrapbooks. But more than this, you can also keep them by saving your old negatives and slides. Luckily, you can now do this in the comforts of your home with slide scanners and negative scanners.

You are given a variety of choices for USB slide scanners, anyway. All you need to do is choose which one will work for you. However, many people become unsatisfied with the cheap one they bought and end up regretting they ever invested in that scanner. Don't be like these victims. Make a better choice by reading reviews about the various models.

The Internet provides comprehensive reviews for the best ones that includes information about every negative scanner, film scanner, document scanner, and flatbed scanner in the market. Meanwhile, this article will focus more on scanners that can work on negative slides. These may not only work as a scanner for negative slides but for document and pictures as well.

Here is the list of the best models you can find in the market that will do slide, film, document and/or negative scanning.

  • HP 3010. This HP model costs only around $100 but can produce 4800x4800 digital image resolution. The color produced, however, is only 48-bit. It can scan about 2 frames at a time with at best 10 seconds scanning time. But this model is flexible for use with different operating systems (OS) like Mac and Microsoft Windows XP, ME, and 98.
  • HP 4050. The best thing about this model is its speed and the number of frames that can be scanned. Plus, it can produce digital images with 9600x9600 resolution. Its speed is also amazing, since it can scan up to 30 slides in as fast as 8.5 seconds. This costs around $180, which is a good buy for its features.
  • Canon 4400F. Its price is comparable to the HP 3010 but it has better resolution at 4800x9600 and can scan more frames at once, which ranges from 4 to 6 frames. However, its fastest scanning is 11 seconds, which is a bit slower than other models. Another plus point for this is that it can work on Windows Vista, which others of its range can't.
  • Epson V500. This one can produce digital images with up to 6400x9600 resolution in as fast as 16 seconds. But it can only scan up to six frames at a time.
  • Epson 5590. Another one from Epson that can finish its work in seven seconds. But it has many downsides like a lower resolution of 2400x2400 at a price that is a lot more expensive, $300.
  • PlusTek 7200. With its speed, number of frames, and resolution, the price of $160 is just enough. This scanner can work on 6 slides at a time, producing photos with up to 7200x7200 resolution. But it only supports Microsoft Windows XP.

You may find other reviews for high-end scanners like Minolta or Nikon since the above models are only recommended for home or office use.

Most of the above models can do multi-tasking like being a document or flatbed scanner, while they can work as a film one also. Just make sure you know how to choose USB ones for more flexible hardware compatibility.

For commercial purposes, you may use dedicated slide scanners like Minolta, Nikon, Kodak, and other brands. These can surely produce better images, though they usually don't do multi-tasking.


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