How To Know Bluetooth Adapter Models

Wireless adapters have made our lives so much easier. We are in a world where technological innovations are getting more aggressive each year. There are several varieties of wireless adapters, and one of them is the Bluetooth adapter. Although it only covers a short range of transmission between 2 devices, it is slowly gaining popularity since it’s handy and so easy to use. Through the use of Bluetooth technology, the use of cable wires within a small localized area is minimized. PDAs can now work hand in hand with your laptop or with any other Bluetooth activated device and vice versa.

Bluetooth devices can now be utilized through the help of Bluetooth adapters that are made widely available in the market.  You may buy them at a local electronic store or computer shop in your neighborhood. Some adapters come with a Bluetooth stack, which is a set of applications especially made to control any of your Bluetooth devices. Even if you don’t have a Bluetooth installed computer, you may still use this technology by using Bluetooth adapters. These devices usually require a USB port to establish a connection to your computer.

Some of the things that can be made possible by Bluetooth devices are:

  • Wireless television headphones
  • Remote controls
  • Wireless networking between electronic devices (e.g. laptops, PDAs, Bluetooth printer, MP3, etc.)
  • Controlling consoles
  • Wireless computer peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • Information audio headsets

There are several Bluetooth adapter models that are up for grabs in the market these days. They come in different sizes, stunning colors and cool designs that will surely suit your lifestyle. They are also available in varying speeds, and some are even made especially for computer models and operating systems.

Most online stores can offer you a wide variety of options. Different mobile phone models require different adapters as well. Some models come with antennas to extend their wireless capacities. One of the top producers of electronic accessories is Billionton Systems Inc. They offer a Bluetooth adapter model that will enable you to access your email and Internet with the use of your mobile phone.

Here is a list of top adapter models that are currently available in the market:

  • Bluetooth USB Adapter Vantec NBW-100U 2.4GHz
  • IOGear Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter
  • Kensington 33902 Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter
  • TRENDnet TBW-101UB Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • iMicro BT-DNG-NBK USB2.0 Bluetooth Dongle
  • BELKIN F8T013-1 Bluetooth USB Adapter
  • SOYO FreeStyler" 500 Bluetooth Headset with Bluetooth USB Adapter Dong
  • Cnet CBD-120 150m Bluetooth Class 1 USB2.0 Adapter
  • Linksys USBBT100 Bluetooth Class 1 USB Adapter

These products are readily available online, and some companies even have a live chat agent where you can address all of your inquiries.

Technology has indeed conquered the world of impossibilities. Bluetooth may not cover all of your technical needs at the moment, but as technology grows, its features are also advancing. Bluetooth adapter technology has still a long way to go. 


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