How To Know Bluetooth Module Applications

Named Bluetooth by Swedish creators Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson after the legendary king that united the three states of present-day Norway, Sweden, and Denmark under one rule, Bluetooth is now synonymous with most wireless data transfer in phones and computers. Relatively recent in the field, Bluetooth is, however, making a name for itself as a fast and reliable way of transferring data from one compatible source to another. There are many uses for a Bluetooth module, and here are two of them.


Robotics used to be controlled by wiring. However, this limits their capability to a few meters, or as long as the wire goes. For robots to truly be autonomously mobile, they need a control that is wireless. This is where Bluetooth serials come in. Given a battery pack that the robots can carry, the order can be given from a good distance away. This is especially true in households with small robots. A robot can be given an order through Bluetooth to do chores or fetch food or even help the owner of the house just by simple clicks on the person’s mobile phone. As most mobile phones come with a Bluetooth chip, it becomes less of a hassle to do simple chores, leaving time for your family and friends. This is also good in the office where a robot can be ordered to do simple tasks like delivering paperwork to your superiors.


If you own a business, then speeding up transactions is what Bluetooth can do for you. If you are an owner of a customer service business like a coffee shop or a restaurant, people can then order what they want from a menu, send it over to your waiters or directly into the kitchen where it is organized and disseminated through a computer to different chefs who have the relevant specialties. With a laptop module inserted, people can even leave comments or ratings on your food, which can be shared to other people in the near vicinity. As Wi-Fi modules are becoming popular these days, you can use it to attract customers into your establishment. It is also popular as an e-commerce tool, debiting the price of what is bought from a phone or credit card company’s gateway to your own account.

With a USB Bluetooth Serial dongle, you can extend this range and do business with other shops next to you, as long as the range is reached. This makes it easier to trade items and inventory from one area to another without having to go through the hassle of fees or real money, which can be stolen far easier than hacker-protected pay sites. If you own a theatre, you can even use Bluetooth to put phones on silent mode as they enter your establishment, however you may need a wireless module driver that allows you to do so, although you can download such drivers on your Bluetooth Serial Module supplier’s website.

With the many options of being able to use a Bluetooth module, it is quite a handy tool at home or at work. Even dabbling in the field of robotics, such things as wireless robots, are becoming more and more a thing of the present, rather than an idea of the future. Bluetooth modules can also help cut the costs of salaries as they are free and cost only a few dollars in electricity. It is amazing that even though this invention is barely a decade old, there have been quite a number of innovations led by it already.


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