How To Burn DVDs Using IFOedit

To burn a DVD simply means to copy a movie file stored on your personal computer's hard disk onto a recordable DVD disc known as the DVD-R. To perform this process, a supporting software application has to be installed on your PC. Here's how to burn DVDs using IFOedit.

  1. Create an IFOedit folder.  It would be best to create a folder labeled IFOedit on the desktop for easier access.
  2. Download. Choose a reliable source on the Web for IFOedit software. Download this onto the folder you have previously created. Perform a virus scan on the software before proceeding.
  3. Extract.  Open the IFOedit folder, right click on the file. A drop down menu will appear. Click on the Extract Here option.
  4. Run the program.  Double click on the IFOedit.exe program. After that, select the button that says Create IFOs by clicking on it.
  5. Create the IFO file. Choose a Video Object (VOB) file stored on your personal computer's hard disk. Click on OK and the IFO file creation will begin instantly. This newly created IFO file can be readily copied onto any DVD-R.
  6. Download again.  If the VOB file you chose showed a warning that says An illegal navigation command was encountered, you will need to download the movie again as some files are missing which will not make the burning process work. If the warning does not pop up, then the movie is good to go.
  7. Burn.  Once the IFO creation finishes, you may now burn the movie onto the disk. Just insert a DVD-R into the optical drive and follow the prompts to start the procedure.
  8. Create a short cut.

If you are planning to use the IFOedit program to burn your choice of downloaded movies onto DVDs then it would be a good idea to create its short cut on your desktop for quicker access. Do this by right clicking on an open area on your desktop. A dropdown menu will appear, click on Shortcut, and another window will appear. Click on the button that says Browse, and look for IFOedit. Click on it, type in IFOedit as the short cut name. Finally, click on Finish.

Downloading movies from the World Wide Web has become a socially accepted norm. While this has brought up debates as to the legality and ethics of the practice, more and more people choose the option of availing movies from the Internet simply because it's more convenient.


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