How To Find a Cheap Compact Flash Card Reader

Cell phones, digital cameras, video cameras, some thumb drives, VCD/DVD players, digital photo frames and many more devices nowadays use memory cards and USB cables. Magnetic storage devices have been phased out because of so many disadvantages. One disadvantage is its vulnerability to magnetic fields. Whenever a magnetic storage device comes within the perimeter of magnetic field, there is a possibility that the data can become corrupted. Even though digital gadgets nowadays are more reliable in data security, act wisely. Have you ever thought that connecting those USB cables directly to your device will wear its ports out?

To avoid wear and tear of USB ports (communications ports) of your digital device, it is best to use the memory card.  Save all your data on the memory card, turn off your device for safety (some do not need to), take the card out and use memory card readers. Memory card readers, of course, will still suffer from wear and tear gradually.  The difference is, card readers cost a lot less than your precious video camera. 

The mall has everything, and they do have compact flash card readers. However, these are very expensive and can definitely make a hole in your budget. But the mall is not the only place that sells card readers.

If you are patient enough, you can shop around different malls for a cheap compact flash card reader. It is tiring and time consuming, but who is complaining? As long as you are able to save some bucks, that is what matters. You can also check online for cheap ones. EBay has a Mini USB 2.0 CF Compact Flash memory card reader for only five dollars. Unfortunately, the bidding has already ended. Do not worry though. EBay still has other models of CF card readers for almost the same price.

The site SourcingGate.Com is offering an all-in-one USB Memory Flash Card Reader writer for a discounted price of eight dollars down from nine dollars. This one supports Micro SD, SD/MMC, MSP MS, M2 and CF card.

Amazon.Com has a PQI USB 2.0 CF Card reader for only five dollars. houses a variety of models of CF card readers and XD picture card reader, ranging from five dollars to sixty-five dollars. has mini CF Card reader for as low as seven dollars. Those at the mall are asking for twelve dollars up, when you can buy them for just five dollars each. In fact, some are being auctioned, starting with the lowest price of two cents and ninety cents.

With these tips you will find the flash card reader you need in... a flash!


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