Find a Free Crochet Hat Pattern: Crochet Hat Instructions

Learn Where to Find Crochet Patterns for Beginners and Make Your First Hat

Crochet hats are a fashion accessory that are quick and cheap to make and that can easily altered to be made unique to the wearer. It is fairly easy to find free crochet hat patterns. Here is how:

The first place to look for free crochet hat patterns is in the yarn store. The give-away patterns are usually single sheets attached to pads hooked to the bins containing the yarn. All you have to do is to cruise the aisle until you find a pattern you like. Then you tear it off and take it with you. Crochet patterns that you have to pay for are usually contained in a book with crochet hat instructions and will have a price tag on them, but you can always verify the price with a store assistant if you want to be sure.

Another place to find free crochet hat patterns is on the inside of the paper wrapper that holds the yarn together. Not all companies put patterns in their wrappers, but those that do will have a free pattern on every yarn wrapper that they sell. So, the next time that you are shopping for a crochet project, find a yarn that you like and look inside before you buy it.

The next place to look for a free crochet hat pattern is on the internet.

First, you can go to the website of your favorite yarn company. Bernat and Caron both have websites that offer free project patterns as well as crochet patterns for beginners.

To find them, simply go to your browser’s address page and type the name of your yarn company between www and .com to search for free crochet patterns. If they have a web site, it will come up. Then search through their online menu for a tab that says “free projects” or “free patterns” and click on that tab. That should take you to another menu that says “crochet patterns,” or it may take you to tabs where you can search by the particular garment that you want. You just need to surf through the menu until you find the free crochet hat pattern that you like and click on it. Then you just point and click on your print icon and print out the pattern.

Finally, you can do a web search to find patterns to crochet hats with crochet hat instructions. Just go to your favorite search engine, like Google or Yahoo, and type "free crochet hat patterns” in the search bar. Cruise through the websites offered. When you find one you like, the procedure for searching and printing is the same as for the yarn sites.

After you find crochet patterns for beginners, you can start creating your unique crochet hat right away! Happy hunting!


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