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A voice recorder is the solution for people who want to record conversations, online meetings, notes, and ideas on a digital tape recorder or directly to the computer. Some voice recorder software allows you to edit, organize, and play back voice files. There are many audio recorder programs, and freeware sound recorders online suitable for voice recordings. The various programs are designed to do recording tasks including voice logging of multiple lines, general voice recording, and simple dictations. Available too are cheap and affordable telephone recorders, portable digital recorders, and pocket music and voice recorders that can be attached to your computer to transfer and change saved files.

Most freeware sound recorder programs do not require a purchase to download. Try any of the following freeware to see which best suits your needs:

MP3 Voice Recorder easily records your voice or sounds from your computer on an MP3 format. The software allows you to set the bit rate to save sounds recorded in WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AC3 and M4A formats as well.

Audio Recorder for Free is user-friendly free software that allows you to record your voice for dictations or notes, music, or different sounds directly from your sound card. The recordings are saved directly into WMA, MP3, or WAV files. The software records sounds from a microphone to the input/source, then streams the audio from the Internet.

TipCam Free Screencast Recorder for Windows
( Your screen and voice are recorded in a FLV, flash video format and can be shared at or through email. It has the capability to do real-time encoding, fixed and auto-panned zooming, annotations and voice-over recording. You can optimize the size and video quality to embed files into vlog, blog, or wiki pages. Its built-in VNC support can record video on a remote computer.

SoliCall is useful for regular VoIP users since its software has the capability to reduce unwanted surrounding noise while recording calls. Its free beta version improves the sound quality of all types of calls including PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC VoIP calls.

KaraFun is an online free karaoke player and editor used for windows. The software plays music in audio and MIDI files and supports KFN, KAR, CDG, KOK, MP3, LRC, OGG, and MID formats. You can create your own karaoke songs in MP3 music files, record your voice, manipulate the pitch and tempo, reduce the vocal range level, and set the microphone volume, and vocal or melody levels.

Pocket Voice Recorder is a freeware sound recorder that records clear sounds from a microphone or any input line connected to your sound card. The recordings are saved as messages, and can be exported and changed into a standard WAV file format,

Voice Notes Pilot
is easier to use than a tape voice recorder or telephone recorder. It records your voice notes to create voice e-mails that can be managed, filtered, sorted by subject, and saved in different files and be sent by e-mail. No long pauses are recorded since the system automatically stops recording your voice when you stop talking.

If you are not sure which software best fits your needs, try downloading as many freeware sound recorders or trial versions online as possible. Try other shareware digital tape recorders for voice or music as well. Uninstall programs you do not need or use. Soon, like the portable digital recorders, expensive voice recording software will be cheaper and more affordable in the market.


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