How To Find Freeware for Hard Drive Recovery

A hard disk drive (HDD) is a storage device mainly used for personal computers. The circular disks in the hard drive called platters store data files. Modern hard drives or HDDs have larger capacities like digital audio players and video players compared to the old hard disk drives. Just like any other gadgets, HDDs can crash anytime. This can be a major problem predominantly to business owners who record important business data files on the hard disk drive. But there is still a possibility that you can retrieve data files using freeware software like an emergency data recovery tool. There are things to consider with data recovery. If you want to get freeware, make sure to try a freeware tool that doesn’t need installation or else you’ll need to get a second hard drive.

Here are some freeware tools you can use to retrieve your hard disk drive:

  1. PC Inspector File Recovery (needs installation). PC Inspector File Recovery is software that can recover a disk with support for NTFS and FAT systems. On FAT systems, the partition recover is possible though the FAT has been removed. PC Inspector File Recovery’s interface is so simple to use. It will automatically check your hard drive and retrieve the removed files. Visit for more information.
  2. NTFS Reader. NTFS runs in a MS-DOS setting. It will let you look through and retrieve all types of removed files such as documents, mp3 files, movies, music videos and digital photos. There is no need to install digital photo recovery that can eat up your disk drive space. The latest feature of NTFS is the capacity to encrypt data files and folders to guard your data. Visit for more details.
  3. Restoration: Restoration is the easiest freeware tool to undelete data files. It can still retrieve the files that were emptied from the recycle bin. Scan for data files without any trouble by placing the exact search name or file extension name. Restoration is not only used to retrieve data files but to clean unnecessary data files on your hard drive. Restoration supports NTFS and FAT and does not need to be installed. For more details, please visit Which is a better freeware data recovery tool, NTFS or FAT? Overall performance, NTFS is better. It has more features such as built-in security and recoverability.

Here are some useful tips for using freeware data recovery tools:

  1. Don’t get and download freeware data recovery tools on your own personal computer.
  2. Use your USB or any removable flash drive to save the freeware data recovery tool.
  3. Do not continue with your freeware data recovery tool download if your hard drive is making weird sounds.
  4. Discontinue the use of your personal computer when you know your data file has been erased.
  5. Use your USB flash drive or any other removable flash drive and save the extracted file for security reasons.

Hard disk repair is possible with the help of freeware data recovery tools. They can save the internal and external parts of your hard drive. Just go for the right program and successfully retrieve all your files lost due to system crash and unintentional deletion.


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