How a Flexible Keyboard Works

Using keyboard short cuts

A keyboard is used to type letters and numbers into a computer’s word software, content editor or other computer programs. It is also used in computer gaming and giving commands to a computer. Without a keyboard, the user would not be able to use the functionality of the computer device. There are different types of keyboards and these are:


  • Laptop size
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Numeric keyboard
  • Thumb-sized


  • Virtual keyboard
  • Bluetooth 
  • Wireless
  • Chorded
  • Laser
  • Touch screen
  • Folding keyboard
  • Programmable keyboard
  • Split keyboard

There are several keyboards to choose from. You can find a wide variety of selections at Staples and other leading stores. The majority make use of USB. There are standard and non-standard types. A new type of keyboard is the flexible keyboard. From the word itself, you will know that this type of keyboard is bendable. It sounds strange but it is true! If you want to purchase a flexible keyboard, you need to know how it works:

A flexible keyboard is made of high quality silicon material. It is very durable. If you want to use the flexible keyboard as a substitute for a traditional keyboard, just plug the USB connection into the port and use it on a flat and smooth surface. The flexible keyboard is considered to be more durable than the conventional one. The silicon material will protect your device from potential harm such as dust, liquid spills and germs. It is washable. You can wash the flexible keyboard with running water or any disinfectant (alcohol) to help stop the germs from multiplying. You may notice that the traditional keyboards are quite when you type. The flexible keyboard is the exact opposite. It does not create a sound when being used. That makes for a quiet office!

Moreover, this type of keyboard is really flexible. You can fold or roll it up and store it in a backpack, computer bag or suitcase. It is perfect for getaways or out of town trips.  It may take some time to get used to the flexible keyboard. For instance, pressing the key in the middle of the keyboard may not record your keystroke properly.

There are different types of keyboards that you can buy at computer stores. There is the chorded keyboard, silver keyboard, wireless keyboard and many more. If you like traveling, a flexible keyboard is the right one for you. Before buying a specific brand of flexible keyboard, take time to read pertinent customer reviews online. A flexible keyboard is like a piano keyboard. It will take you time to get used to typing but the advantages are really helpful. It is not only flexible but cheap, hygienic and water-resistant too.


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