How a Screen Protector Works

A screen protector is a sheet of film or plastic that is placed on screens of different devices and electronics. They are needed in order to keep the screen free from scratches, dirt and dust. It also prevents damage to the screen. There are different devices that need a screen protector. Some of them are mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers, game consoles and digital cameras. There are different types of screen protectors that are available in the market today. They are specially designed for the different devices.

Here is how a screen protector works:

  1. First Generation Screen Protectors. Long before screen protectors were developed into what they are today, they were made of very thin films with an adhesive on one side. They were developed as a protector for PDAs that are operated by a stylus pen. The thin piece of film would protect the main screen of the PDA from scratches that would be caused by using the stylus pen to write. This first generation of LCD protectors were distributed as an add-on to the product. They usually come in packs of 10. These types of screen protectors did not prevent scratches on the screen, as they were so thin. Also, the adhesive did not last for a long time and it would peel with use. This required frequent changes of adhesive on the device.
  2. New Generation of Screen Protectors. The new generation of screen protectors still uses the same mechanics as the first generation. The only difference is that the film is thicker and made of urethane. This ensures that the screen will not be damaged due to the scratches. The downside of using this type of screen protector is that it is difficult to peel off from the screen, and it leaves some adhesive on the screen when it is removed. This type of screen protector does not have an anti-glare property, so reading while outdoors will be a difficult task.
  3. Non-Adhesive Screen Protectors. Non-adhesive screen covers are mostly used for laptops. They do not have an adhesive side, so it is easy to clean and maintain. It may be installed on the screen by hanging it on the frame of the laptop or the desktop computer. It may also be installed using Velcro. This type of screen protector has an anti-glare quality that enables computer users to see the screen even if sunlight is hitting it.
  4. Newest Screen Protectors. The newest types of screen protectors that are sold in the market today are capable of blocking UV rays. This glare protector makes reading or seeing the images on the device clearer even when the user is outdoors. Another feature of this screen protector is that the user is able to see the images on the screen even if he is located at an angle.

Here are the types of screen protectors and how each one works. It is best if you buy the most recent type of screen protector for your gadget, as they are tried and tested and well worth the expense.


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