How To Add Titles and Text Overlays: Microsoft Movie Maker

You can enhance your home movie or audio-visual presentation by adding title sequences and text overlays. Here are the steps to adding text to your video using the Movie Maker application.

  1. Load the video clip. The first section on the Movie Tasks pane located on the upper left of the interface is labeled Capture Video. Under this heading are options that can enable you to import video clips directly from a device or from a specific folder in your PC's hard disk. Click on 'Capture from video device' to do the former or 'Import video' to do the later. Once done, the video clip will appear as a thumbnail on the Collections pane located right beside the Movie Tasks pane. You can then drag-drop this clip onto the Video row of the Timeline section (the lower half of the main window) to put it in its proper place in the sequence and make it ready for editing.
  2. Click 'Make titles or credits'. The second section of the Movie Tasks pane is Edit Movie. Click on the 'Make titles or credits' option found under this heading.
  3. Choose the location of the title. The new window that will appear will ask you where you want to add a title - at the beginning of the whole movie, before the selected video clip, on the selected clip (text overlay), after the selected clip or at the end of the whole movie as credits. Choose the appropriate option.
  4. Input the text. The next window that will appear has an input field where you can type your text. If you chose the option for credits in the previous step, the input field will appear as a table with two columns. Don't immediately press 'Done' after you type in the text. You might want to first consider changing the font, its size, color and the background color. You might also want to add some animation.
  5. Modify the text or title sequence. Scroll down to the lower portion of the Enter Text for Title window to see more options. After each modification you can click on Done to see the changes take effect on the Preview Monitor right beside this window.
5.1 Title animation
The 'Change the title animation' option will allow you to add animation effects to the text such as simple fade-ins or outs. There are several other effects mostly of the kind that you can find in PowerPoint slide transitions. Brief descriptions of the effects are given to guide you. The ones that are marked "(overlay)" are for showing the text on top of the video clip.

5.2 Text font and color
The 'Change text font and color' option will enable you to choose your preferred font, change its size, make it bold, italicized or underlined, position it left, right or center, set its transparency, and set the font as well as the background color. Tweak with any of these parameters until you get the look you're going for.

These titles and text overlays appear as thumbnail clips on the Timeline just like the video clips. This means that you can also drag-drop them to reposition them in the sequence or click drag their edges to change their durations. 


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