How To Adjust Screen Brightness on a MacBook

Computers have become a part of our everyday living. We use computers for work, and we use them for recreational purposes. Having a hand in setting the preferences of the computer then is important. This is so one gets to tailor the computer's many functions according to one's needs. Adjusting the screen brightness is one of these. Don't you just hate it when your eyes get really strained from looking at the computer monitor for extended periods? Adjusting the computer's screen brightness helps alleviate these health problems. In this article, we will teach you how to do so on a computer running on a Mac operating system.

  1. Access the System Preferences window on your MacBook. Locate the Apple icon found at the top right portion and click on it once for a dropdown menu to appear on your screen. Look for the item System Preferences and click on it once. The System Preferences window should now be displayed on your computer screen.
  2. Go to the display preferences of your MacBook. Go to the section Hardware on the System Preferences window. Click on the third icon, the Displays icon. Now, you will be directed to a window showcasing all of the different setting options. On the uppermost part of this window, click on the Displays icon once more.
  3. Finally adjust screen brightness on a MacBook. Now that you are on the Preferences window, you should see a meter under the section User Interface Brightness. Click on your mouse to move the slider toward the left or right direction. If you want to reduce the brightness of your screen, drag the slider towards the left. If you want to increase the brightness, on the other hand, then drag the slider towards the right.
  4. Adjust screen brightness on a MacBook using specific keyboard-controlled commands. MacBooks released from 2007 through the present should have keyboard-generated commands for configuring display preferences. Press the F1 key to reduce the brightness of your computer screen. If, on the other hand, you want to increase the screen's brightness then you will need to press the F2 button.

Eye problems caused by prolonged exposure to especially bright computer screens should never be taken lightly. Since computer use is inevitable in this day and age of anything and everything digital, it pays to take note of these simple steps to guard one's health. Reducing the brightness of your MacBook's screen also benefits a lot of things. This is because the computer uses less energy when the screen brightness is reduced. So it's good for the environment, good for your health, and good for your finances too!


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