How To Build a Computer with Used Parts

Assembling used computer parts in building a computer unit can save you money. You may have used computers at home that you can assemble instead of buying a new unit. Your friends might also have computer parts that you can ask to use for free or buy for a minimal amount so you can build a workable computer system. Below are further tips on how to build a computer system with used parts.

  • Ensure that your motherboard is compatible with your computer case. In case that your motherboard doesn’t fit your computer case, don’t worry because second hand computer cases are cheap in computer shops. Motherboards with upgrade slots are important because you might need to upgrade your video card, memory card, processor and other computer parts in the future.
  • Attach and install the PCI cards on its slots. The PCI cards include graphics, video, sound, and network cards. There are motherboards that have integrated video and sound cards. You can buy extra PCI cards if you needed extra slots for your computer.
  • Install your computer memory or RAM and processor to your motherboard. The faster the memory, the faster your computer can process information. There are motherboards that can handle up to 4 GB memory or more. But a 512MB RAM is already great for office applications and Internet usage. If you’re a computer games fanatic or a graphic or video artist or enthusiast, then you need more than 1GB memory. Computer processor on the other hand is one of the most vital parts of your computer system; because the higher the processor you have, the heavier the applications you can run on your computer system.
  • Install your internal hard drive. The higher your computer hard drive storage the better. You might just storing documents and some pictures today, but you might save higher data like high resolution pictures and video in the future so buying a second hand hard drive with a bigger space is better because it will help you save money. There are also second hand external and portable hard drives that you can buy in online stores if you need to move big documents from one location to another.
  • Install your different disc drives. It’s great if you can have a DVD writer so you can copy files on DVDs to store your precious documents and to save some space on your hard drive. Nowadays, there are also external or portable DVD RWs so you can burn and copy files wherever you are. A portable DVD RW will save you money in case the only hardware that’s not working on your unit in your DVD drive. If you can afford a DVD RW then buy it instead of buying a second hand CD RW.
  • Select your preferred computer monitor. Second hand computer monitors are cheap so it’s practical to buy them. Canvass LCD monitors and find the biggest screen that has the lowest price. LCD monitors are great because they don’t eat much electricity. Ensure that your preferred pre-loved computer monitor has warranty of 3 to 6 months so you can replace it if ever problems occur.
  • Select your preferred operating system. Most second hand computers are already installed with an operating system. You can request your preferred OS to the computer store or technician. You must be certain with your decision for you need to reformat your computer if you decide to change your OS.

Install updated anti-virus, spyware and malware software to protect your computer unit and your files from being damaged.


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