How To Burn Digital Camera Movies onto Disc

As your digital camera's memory has a limit, you will need to burn movies you made with it to a disc. Doing so will also make it easier for you to watch these videos on your DVD player without any hitches. The following are the steps on how to burn movies taken by digital cameras onto a disc.

1. Link you digital camera to a computer.

Digital cameras usually come with a USB cable on its package. If it didn’t, or maybe you misplaced it, you can obtain a regular USB cable from virtually anywhere: computer part stores, online shops or department stores. Attach the USB cable to the digital cable and then the other end on a free USB port on your computer. If a software package that came with your digital camera is installed on your computer, it will automatically load the memory from your camera. If not, you will manually import the files using the second step.

2. Navigate to the removable storage drive for your digital camera.

Open “My Computer”. Under “Devices with Removable Storage”, identify the drive letter for the memory card of the digital camera. Highlight the drive letter, right click on your mouse, and then select “Explore” from the menu that populates.

3. Locate the movie files you want to import and burn.

When the memory card is pulled up for exploration, search through the folders available. Once you know where the movie files are, copy the files to your hard drive. This is done by highlighting the files you need to burn and right click on your mouse then select copy. You can also use a short cut key to copy the files by pressing “CTRL” and “C” simultaneously on your keyboard. Paste the files on the new location either by right clicking anywhere on the folder then selecting “Paste” or simultaneously pressing “CTRL” and “V” keys on your keyboard.

4. Ready a CD/DVD authoring program.

Most burners came with a free Nero OEM. If you have not installed the program, do it so now. If you are not comfortable using Nero, you can opt to use a different authoring program.

5. Insert a blank disc in your CD/DVD ROM.

When your system identifies that the disk is empty, it will usually do an auto-play where it will automatically open the DVD authoring program you are using.

6. Ready  the video files you need to burn.

Add the files inside the DVD authoring program. You can either go directly to the folder where you have stored the videos, highlight the ones you want to burn and then drag them onto the DVD authoring program window. You can also use the “Add” function on the authoring program. The “Add” is like the “Open” dialogue box for most programs. This is a dialogue box that you can use to navigate through folders until you get to the video file. Highlight the files you need to burn and hit the “Open” or “Add” button.

Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with burning the data unto the disk. When the authoring program is done with burning, it’ll usually eject the disk, letting you know that the burning process is done.


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