How To Burn DVD Copies on Windows Vista

Are you planning to make a DVD backup of your files, convert a DVD, use DVD copy software, convert DVDs to mp4 or DVD MPEG format? You'll need a DVD ripper for that. Even if you already have Microsoft Windows Vista, doing all these with a DVD ripper is still possible. DVD rippers are simply DVD writers, only with added capabilities like changing multimedia file formats. Now, maybe your problem is how to burn DVD copies if you have Windows Vista. Actually, the process is no different from the XP or earlier Windows versions. Here's what you should do:

  1. Install the needed DVD ripper. Most computers installed with Windows OS are sold with the free Nero DVD ripper. This is perhaps one of the best programs you can find in the market. You can also try programs other than Nero. There are even freeware DVD rippers as alternatives. Simply copy your chosen DVD ripper by downloading it. But before that, make sure that the program is compatible with Windows Vista. There's a note about the minimum system requirements. You should read that before downloading any program.

  2. Check if your CD driver is a DVD writer also. Most computer users think that if they already have a program that can read DVDs, then they can write DVDs. Wrong. The hardware should be capable of meeting the demands of the program. If not, your burning will not be successful. Now, if you don't have a DVD read-write drive, then you have many external DVD writers to choose from. You can ask a friend if he or she has this kind of device.

    If you have everything you need, then proceed to the next step.

  3. Open the DVD ripper application. From there, you will be guided through the entire process. If you're using Nero, the first window to appear will usually be a selection of different processes like burning files, music, and videos. Choose what you intend to do by clicking your option. Then, another window will appear asking you for the location of the files you want to be copied onto the DVD. Add all the files you need to copy onto the DVD. Click Next. Some Nero versions and options may display more windows. For instance, if you're burning videos, it may ask if you want to create a menu. Then, click next or a similar button.

  4. Insert DVD. The DVD driver tray will open. That's your cue to insert the DVD. Make sure that the DVD is blank and free from scratches. If you use a DVD with many dents, you might increase the risk of your driver being damaged. To be sure, you can wipe the DVD first with a cotton cloth before inserting it into the driver.

  5. Writing. When the DVD is inserted, you will press the OK button. And then, the writing process on your Windows Vista computer will start. Just wait for the process to finish. The tray will open again if the writing process is successful.

It's easy to burn DVD copies on our Windows Vista computer as long as you have the right DVD ripper and of course, DVD drive. Just be wary about copyright laws, especially if you're burning multimedia files.


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