How To Buy a Cheap Laptop for School

The use of a laptop has now become part of a student’s daily life. Not only is a laptop convenient to use because it can be taken with you anywhere you go, whether it is to go to school, work or out of town. It also has the advantage of roaming facilities if you have wi-fi access. A laptop is mobile, more portable than a PC desktop and can be used anywhere.

If you are a student and do not have much money to spend on a laptop, you can buy a cheap laptop for school by doing the following:

  1. Define what basic features you need to have in your laptop.
  2. Have a budget in mind for the purchase of your laptop. Make sure it is at a level you can afford to payout preferably in cash or in the shortest term payments.
  3. Search for websites of laptop manufacturers and a list of sale items in store to have an idea of the kind of models available.
  4. Take note of how old the model you are interested in is and note that most laptops cannot be easily upgraded like PC desktops. Many components of a laptop cannot be upgraded except for the hard drive, RAM, and the optical drive. Choose a unit that would be useful to you for at least a year. Avoid buying a cheap model that is too old and almost obsolete.
  5. Check out coupons or special discounts available in websites or printed advertisements that can be applied to purchase a computer or electronic equipment.
  6. Look for educational discounts given by your school for a student planning to buy a laptop. In most colleges and universities discounts for computers are given at the school bookstore.
  7. If you are a working student and the company where you work regularly buys computers, you may get the benefit of purchasing a laptop unit with a discount. Try asking your purchasing officer who buys the company computers to find out if you can buy a cheap laptop for school using the company purchasing account.
  8. Some businesses and schools regularly purchase brand new computers for the company use. These businesses and schools sometimes sell their old equipment through auctions or just sell them off at a lower fixed price. Look out fro announcement of such sales or inquire from the company or school’s IT department how you can buy one of their old laptops.
  9. Find out the method of payment and payment terms offered. Match these with what you can afford.
  10. Decide on which unit you would like to buy and what additional discounts and guarantees you can get.
  11. Ask about additional costs for delivery, shipping or services fees charged if needed.
  12. If you are buying a new unit from the manufacturer or a company, check the company refund and return policies.
  13. Make sure that you checkout the features, efficiency and functions of the unit you buy. Not because you buy a cheap laptop, does it mean you accept its poor quality that can only be useful to you for a few months.


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