How To Buy a Cheap Used iMac

An iMac is one of the easiest computer systems to use. Almost everything is built into the monitor and it contains most of the programs and functions you need. It is easy to learn how to use an iMac. A new unit may be quite expensive, but it would be easy to find a cheap used iMac you could afford.

Here are some tips on how to buy a cheap used iMac:

1.    Decide on a budget you can afford, whether for a cash payment or for terms.

2.    Research on the going price for new and used iMac computers.

3.    Look for available deals to compare on the following sites:

  • eBay at that has a section that exclusively shows deals for new and used Macs.
  • Craigslist at with a selection of used computers that allow you to deal directly with a seller.
  • Mac of All Trades at that provides one of the best securities for the buyer since it has only a handful of sellers that offer a wide selection at low prices.
  • Low End Mac at that offers information about various types of Mac units, when a model was introduced, discontinued or updated. It provides a list where you can find good deals on Macs, and a list of Dealers of Used Macs.
  • Online Mac Store at
  • Second Hand Mac at
  • The Mac Pac at
  • ... for great deals.
  • at that offers good buys on new and old iMacs.

4.    Check out the following places that may offer used computers.

  • Local libraries that hold computer pre-sales.
  • Local art or graphic schools that sell used iMac computers to be replaced. 
  • Local elementary schools that usually clear unwanted computers.
  • Post production or Multimedia companies that sell out iMac units that are usually maintained by certified technicians.

5.    Try “Auction Sniping” at

  • eBay that has an auction sniping service.
  • EZSniper at that can do the sniping for you.

6.  Take note of these tips when choosing the best deal:

  • Start by looking at deals for new computers on sale. Sometimes, deals for new units are better than deals for used computers. 
  • Sale prices are usually cheaper on sites with fewer sellers. The sellers often do not know the current market value of the computer unit they are selling.

7.    Try to personally meet with the seller, or if you purchase online, ask all the information you need to know about the unit.

  • Find out if the computer is "refurbished", "used" or "new."
  • If the computer was refurbished, find out if it just had a slight scratch, was its software restored, or it was simply repacked.
  • Ask about warranty information, including a DOA (Dead on Arrival) Warranty.
  • Read and confirm the return policies.
  • Clarify the deal, whether in cash or terms.
  • Fins out if there are shipping fees.
  • Ask about sales taxes charges especially if you buy in-store.
  • Check for missing accessories like a mouse, remotes, or keys.
  • Read consumer reviews to know more about the iMac and terminologies.
  • Never have a used iMac shipped to you. You are not protected if the delivered item is faulty.
  • It is best to meet the seller, before a purchase. Take time to inspect the iMac and as much as possible, pay in cash.


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