How To Buy a Kid's Desktop Computer

It may not be wise to let your kids use your own desktop computer. Although you can childproof your computer, it is not an assurance that your kids may not stumble upon some information or even websites that are strictly for adults. In this computer age, it is necessary for a growing child to have hands-on experience with computers. To keep up with the times, your child needs to be able to use a computer even if he is in the home. You have to choose a desktop computer that is exclusively for kids. This is the technological age so anything is possible. Before you put on your coat to go out and buy that computer, take the time to consider the following:

  1. Your child’s computer depends on what age he is in. There are personal desktop computers on sale nowadays that are USB-powered called Computer Cool School. You can attach it to your computer. It is an expandable system with big keyboards, a writing tablet and a stylus to go with it. But the best computer system for your child is the one that he can use in extended years. Meaning, if you bought his computer when he was 5, he can still use it even if he grows up to a ten-year old.
  2. Research online for computer manufacturers and their products. List down the hardware that the computer needs. Be sure to get keyboards that are child-friendly. These are the types with bigger keyboards. Be sure also to include a writing tablet and a stylus pen. Your child would be drawing a lot as a part of his skills exercises. Get a large capacity hard drive. Games and educational programs consume a lot of hard disk space. Get a pair of speakers for the sounds. You would need to enhance all of your child’s senses.
  3. Talk to your child about what kind of activity he wants to engage in. Your child might want to draw more or he might want to answer trivia. There are various programs that can help you with this. Research online on kids programs that you can install in his computer.
  4. Inquire for prices. If you are researching online, the products and the programs usually come with pricing. The best way to do this is to visit computer stores. You can go to a computer store that specializes in child’s study programs.
  5. Ask for a demo. Before purchasing the computer, have the technician test the gadget. Check the mouse, keyboards, writing tablet, stylus and the programs installed. Check also for the system information. Be sure that the specifications listed in the information are the exact ones that you required.
  6. Ask for their warranty and servicing. Get the store’s contact numbers and servicing policies. Since the user of the computer is a child, it may be exposed to some unintended wearing out. So be sure that your computer is covered for a limited time.

Getting your child a desktop computer does not mean you would be leaving him at the mercy of a technological companion. You should be engaging in his activities too. Study with him and play with him. You will discover that his computer is not only a tool for brain and skills enhancement but also a chance for you to strengthen your relationship with your child. 


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