How To Buy Bluetooth Devices for a Dell Axim

If you own a Dell Axim, then you know how important Bluetooth devices are. Looking for Bluetooth devices for a Dell Axim can be a little tricky since this family of handhelds has been discontinued since 2007. Here are some steps you can do if you are having a hard time finding Bluetooth devices for your Dell Axim.

Check out Dell Axim's official website.
While the whole line of Dell Axims have been taken out of the market, Dell assures that they will still be supporting all of the sold units for a three year period. This is why you should check out the official website of Dell to know of the recommended Bluetooth devices. On the site, scroll down and locate the tab entitled Shop. Click on the item Home and Home Office after that. Now, on the uppermost tabs, direct your cursor to the item Electronics & Software for a dropdown menu to appear. Locate the item Handhelds, Tablet PCs & Phones and click on it. Now, click on the Shop All link found under the section PDA and Handheld Devices. Doing so should direct you to a Web page where all of the recommended supporting devices for your Dell Axim are listed. Take note of these to help you in your search later.

Know which third party vendors carry the product.
Now that you know which Bluetooth devices are compatible to your model of Dell Axim, then you can now search for third party vendors that sell them. Launch your Web browser once more, type in the brands and models into the search field, and hit Enter on your keyboard. Select through the number of third party vendors and click on their website's link to check out their homepages.

Visit stores in and around your area.
Of course, you can always check out your local computer or cellular phone accessories stores to find Bluetooth devices for your Dell Axim. Just make sure that you have the list in hand to make sure you get Bluetooth devices that are compatible to your Dell Axim.

Make sure that you check the product's condition before buying it. This is because some of them may already be used or refurbished. It probably wouldn't inconvenience the store clerk so much if you request for a test or demonstration just to make sure everything will work fine. Furthermore, make sure that the Bluetooth device you buy are covered with warranty. This way, you are assured that there will be sufficient technical and customer support after the purchase.


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