How To Center Data within Excel

Centering data within Excel is useful if you want to properly organize your data. The various tools in Excel that make this possible are easy enough to use. Here's how you center data within Excel:

  1. Open the Excel file in question. Locate the Excel file and click on its icon twice for it to be opened.
  2. Center data using the Formatting toolbar. Click on the top left cell, the A1 cell first. Now, drag your mouse in a diagonal manner to highlight all of the other cells that need to have the data within them centered. Another alternative would be to use your computer keyboard to perform this step. To do so, click on the A1 cell to highlight it first. Now, press the Shift key while simultaneously pressing the right arrow key. Continue doing this until you highlight all of the cell headers in question. Now, press the down arrow key while still pressing the Shift key to highlight cells underneath the headers. Now, to finally center the data, go to the Formatting toolbar first and locate the Center tool. This is positioned in between the Align Left and Align Right tools. Simply click on the Center tool once for all of the data in the highlighted cells to be centered.
  3. Center data using the Worksheet Menu Bar. Highlight all of the cells in question first. Now, click on the Format tab for a dropdown menu to appear. Select the first option Cells. Click on the Alignment tab from the Format Cells dialog box. Go to the Text alignment section. Click the dropdown arrow under the Horizontal: section and select the option Center. Click on the button OK for the changes to finally be applied on the Excel file.
  4. Center and merge data if needed. Centering and merging data is sometimes necessary. To do this, highlight all of the cells first. Now, go to the Formatting toolbar and click on the Merge and Center tool that is found right beside the Align Right tool. Now, if you want to do it the long way using the Worksheet Menu Bar, click on the Format tab once more. Click on the Alignment tab and go to the Text alignment portion. Select the option Center from the Horizontal: section afterwards. Now, go to the Text control section and tick the box right beside the Merge cells option. Finally click on OK and the changes will be applied to the Excel file.

Bear in mind that only the data contained in the upper-left most cell will be saved when you use the Merge and Center tool so be very careful about using this feature. You do not want to end up losing your data due to incorrect use of this Excel tool. 


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