How To Change a Hard Drive in an Acer Laptop

Whether you want to increase the storage capacity of your laptop or change the hard drive because the old one is no longer working well, it is easy to go about changing it. Here are simple steps on how to accomplish the task of changing the hard drive in your Acer laptop computer.

  1. Get your hands on a SATA hard drive for your Acer Laptop. Make sure that you get the hard drive most compatible with the Acer Laptop you are using. Keep in mind that notebook computers use the 2.5-inch hard drive so shop for that. You would also have to evaluate how much storage you need for your daily computing needs then compare the price versus the amount you are willing to spend for the hard drive. Finally, get the laptop hard drive from a local computer parts store or through online shops.
  2. Get ready to install the new SATA hard drive on your Acer laptop. Should your laptop be on at this point, properly shut it off then proceed with detaching the power cord to avoid electrocuting yourself and short-circuiting the laptop. When the power is already disconnected, flip the laptop on its rear and then remove the battery from its bay.
  3. Detach the existing hard drive from the Acer laptop. Ascertain the location of the hard drive compartment. Most hard drive compartments on laptops are located near the battery bay. Using a laptop screwdriver, carefully take the screws out. When you have removed all four screws, remove the metal covering then gently take the hard drive mounted in a metal enclosure out from its place. You will see two cords connected to the motherboard: one for the SATA power cord and the other, the data cable. Detach these two cords.
  4. Take the old hard drive out of the metal enclosure. Again, using your laptop screwdriver, remove the screws out. Slid the old hard drive out and insert the new one in. When you have mounted the new hard drive inside the metal enclosure, make sure to put the screws back into their respective places to secure the hardware.
  5. Reinstall the hard drive enclosure back to its compartment. Attach the SATA power cord and data cable back. Then attentively slid the enclosure back to the hard drive bay. After making sure that you have fully seated the hard drive enclosure to its former place, screw the metal covering back.

Return the battery back to its compartment and attach the power cord. Turn your computer on and the BIOS should be able to recognize the new hardware installed. Setup your desired operating system. Finally, do not forget to install Acer’s utility packs and drivers to make sure that your system will run smoothly.


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