How To Change a Laptop Battery

Laptops are meant to be carried everywhere you go. However, a laptop battery's poor performance can compromise your productivity. If you notice that your laptop battery drains faster than before, then it might be high time to change it. Here are useful pointers on how to change a laptop battery.

  1. Check your user's manual to know the correct type of laptop battery. Laptops are complicated machines. They require the correct type of parts if they are to function at all. To avoid buying an incorrect laptop battery, you should always check the user's manual. Detailed in the manual are the battery recommendations for your make and model of laptop. If you no longer have the manual with you, then you can always check the manufacturer's website for the purpose. Do not make the mistake of buying a nickel metal-hydride battery if your laptop is equipped with a lithium-ion one. Also make sure that you take note of the voltage requirements of the laptop battery before you go ahead and buy one.
  2. Know where to buy laptop batteries. You can always check your neighborhood computer store. But if you hate the hustle and bustle of such places, then buying online will be the most convenient option. You can order direct from the laptop manufacturer's website or check out the online counterparts of local computer stores. Either way, make sure that you are informed of the various shipping details so that you get to track your order.
  3. Finally change the laptop battery. Once you have the correct type of laptop battery, then it's time to install it on your laptop! Before you do so though, read through the user's manual first so that you know the specific do's and don'ts. You should also refer to the user's manual to help you in identifying the location of the laptop battery. Typically, the laptop battery is located underneath so you will have to turn the machine over. Open the battery compartment by unlocking the latch. Slide the battery out carefully afterwards. Now, put in the fresh battery making sure that the side with the receptor pins align with the receptor ends on the battery compartment.
  4. Practice proper charging of laptop battery. A brand new laptop battery may need to be charged for 24 hours. Check your user's manual to be sure of this matter.

Proper disposal of laptop batteries is a must as they contain harmful materials. Laptop batteries should not be burned or put together with your other household trash. The best way to dispose of old laptop batteries would be to bring them to battery recycling facilities. If no such facilities exist in your area, then you can simply inquire with your local electronics store. Most electronic stores are accredited drop-off centers for any kind of old or spent batteries.


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