How To Change an 8GB SD Card to RAM Memory

Upgrading or adding RAM to your computer system is pretty easy, but some users prefer not to execute this task because it would naturally involve opening the CPU tower, and that idea does not sit well with most novice users. Not to worry, if you have an SD card and use Windows Vista as your operating system, you will be able to modify your system to dedicate the SD card to become the RAM. Here are the steps on how to go about changing the 8GB SD Card to become a RAM on your system.

  1. Evaluate if your system has a built-in card reader. Usually, newer computers have built-in card readers installed with them but should the case be that your system did not come with one, you can always check the local computer or electronic store and obtain a stand-alone card reader unit. You can connect this card reader to the computer using the USB port.
  2. Pop the SD card inside the card reader. Let Windows Vista detect the plug and play device and proceed with the next step.
  3. Launch “ReadyBoost”. When Vista detects the SD Card, a dialogue box will appear, asking you how to proceed with the detected device. Using your mouse, scroll down to the very end of the option list and look for “General Options”.  Under General Options, you will see a sub list that has “Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer” and “Speed up my system using Windows ReadyBoost”. Select “Speed up my system” and proceed with the next step.
  4. Enable the removable storage device to become as RAM. Selecting “Speed up my system” from the previous step will pull up the Properties dialogue box. Make sure you are on the “ReadyBoost” tab by clicking on the said tab name. Select the radio button next to “Use this device”. Doing so will now enable the slide bar under “Space to reserve for system speed” that was previously grayed out.
  5. Modify the amount of memory you want the system to allocate from the SD card to use for speeding up your system. Using the slider, adjust the amount of memory by moving it from left to right. You can also just input the number on the text field next to the slider. Note that the amount you see first on the text field is the highest amount of memory that you can allocate for speeding up your computer. You can choose to lower or higher the number. When you are done adjusting the allocated memory, hit the “Apply” button and then “OK” to apply the changes you made and close the Properties dialogue box.

ReadyBoost will make it easier for you to upgrade RAM without having the need to open the tower and this feature is easy to enable and disable. Should you choose to disable ReadyBoost, go back to the device’s properties dialogue box and select the radio button next to “Do not use this device”, hit “Apply” and then “OK”.


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