How To Change an Ink Cartridge

Inkjet printers need an ink cartridge replacement if problems with printing occur. Here are general guidelines to follow when changing an ink cartridge on your printer.

  1. Know when it’s time to change an ink cartridge. You have to change an ink cartridge if the printer suddenly stops in the middle of a print job or if the print is very thin that you barely recognize it.
  2. Buy the right type of ink cartridge. Acquire a manufacturer-recommended type of ink cartridge. This way, you avoid acquiring one that is not compatible with your machine.
  3. Obtain the inkjet printer user's manual. Ink cartridge replacement instructions vary from model to model. It would be smart to refer to the user's manual when changing an ink cartridge. If you no longer have it, then check out the manufacturer's website for the purpose.
  4. Take out the used up ink cartridge from the inkjet printer. First, take out the paper tray and power the inkjet printer on. Now, locate the ink replacement button on the machine. This button should be marked with an ink icon. Press the ink replacement button lightly for no longer than three seconds to prepare the printer for the process of replacement. The printer head should move back and forth and finally settle on the ink replacement position. Open the printer cover to expose the cartridge compartment. Now, release the lever holding the ink cartridge in place. Carefully pull out the ink cartridge and set out in a disposable plastic bag. Tie the plastic bag to make sure no ink spills out.
  5. Ready the new ink cartridge. Take the new ink cartridge out of its packaging. Cut the plastic covering along the marked edges. Remove the yellow-colored protective cap from the cartridge making sure that you do not touch the part where the ink nozzles are.
  6. Install the new ink cartridge on the machine. There should be an arrow illustrated on the cartridge itself. Carefully insert the cartridge into its assigned slot following the direction of the arrow. You should hear a clicking sound when you put in the ink cartridge. Lock the lever and put the printer cover back in.
  7. Perform test prints on the machine. Newer models of inkjet printers will run automatic diagnostic tests right after the cartridge replacement process to make sure that the installation was correct. But since the ink might smear for the first couple of times, it's worthwhile to do your own test prints.

Ink cartridges can still be recycled. You can bring the old ink cartridges to a recycling facility in your area. Computer stores are most often accredited drop-off centers for recyclable ink cartridges so it's also worth checking.


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