How To Change an Ink Cartridge in a Brother Printer

If you notice that the printout is starting to get a noticeable shade lighter, then it's time to change the ink cartridge on your Brother printer. Reloading ink in a Brother printer is much like changing cartridges in other brands of printers. Here's how:

  1. Know when it is time to change the ink cartridge. Brother printers have ink color counters. These counters will tell the user if a particular color of ink has run out. These counters are positioned right on top of the printer and all you need to do is check which ink color cartridge has to be changed.
  2. Buy the correct type of ink cartridge for your Brother printer. The Brother printers website does not recommend refilling the ink cartridge so you may want to heed the manufacturer's advice. Check the printer user's manual to not end up buying an incompatible type of ink cartridge.
  3. Prep the Brother printer for the cartridge replacement. Hook up the printer to the power source and turn it on. Remove the paper tray from its slot. Now, pop the printer cover open by pulling it towards you. You should see a lock release lever at the lower right side. Pull this lever down so you can freely take out ink cartridges from this compartment. Carefully remove the ink cartridge that needs to be replaced by pulling it towards you. Be careful not to touch the ink nozzles or you risk spilling any excess ink. Put this ink cartridge in a self-sealing and sturdy disposable plastic bag.
  4. Fit the new ink cartridge into its slot. Get the new ink cartridge out of its box. Notice that there is an arrow drawn on its side. Remove its plastic packaging by cutting along the dotted line. Next is to take out the protective cap. Again, make sure you do not touch the part where the ink nozzles are. Now, put the new ink into the slot by following the direction of the arrow. Repeat this process for all the other cartridges that need changing. Once done, pull the lever down to fasten the ink cartridges in place. Put the printer cover back on and run a series of test prints if necessary.

Make sure that you properly dispose of the spent ink cartridge. Seal its bag tightly before putting it in the trash. Better yet, take it to a facility that recycles such materials. If there are no such recycling plants in your area, then check electronics store. More often than not, these establishments are designated drop-off centers for said recyclable materials.


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