How To Change Default Programs in Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard will automatically open a certain file type using a program that it has been associated with. But what if you have installed a new program, say for example, QuickTime, and you want it to be the default program that opens all ‘.wmv’ files instead of VLC; or if you have just installed Photoshop and you want that to be the default program to open all ‘.jpeg’ files instead of Preview? In this article we will discuss how to change default programs in Mac OS X Leopard.

  1. Use the ‘Finder’ window to easily change the default programs for all file types. The ‘Finder’ window will show you all the programs and files that are on your Mac. To pull up this window, click on the ‘Finder’ icon on the ‘Dock’ at the bottom of the page and from there, you can set all of the default programs of file extensions all in one go.
  2. Pull up the ‘Get Info’ window of the file you need to change. We will use .wmv file type as an example for this article. Highlight one .wmv file so we can change its default program from VLC to QuickTime. To pull up the ‘Get Info’ window, you can (1) go to ‘File’ from the menu bar and click on ‘Get Info’; or (2) press on the Apple + I button on your keyboard.
  3. Choose ‘QuickTime’ as the default program to open all .wmv files. Once the Get Info window pops up, you will see different options available. Click on the ‘Open with’ option and you will see that currently it is set to open using VLC. Click on the dialog box where it says VLC and a dropdown will appear listing all the programs available in your Mac that can open a .wmv file. Find and click on QuickTime from the dropdown.
  4. Activate the ‘Change All’ command. If we end it in just Step 3, it is just a one-time occurence that the .wmv file you chose will open in QuickTime. To open ALL .wmv files with QuickTime at all times, make sure to click on the ‘Change All’ button below the ‘Open With’ option. A warning window will pop up confirming if you are sure that QuickTime will be the program that will open all files with the .wmv extension. Click ‘Continue’ and you are done changing the default program for all .wmv files.

If you have other programs you want to use as a default, just follow the same steps outlined above to change default programs of other file type extensions.


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