How To Change File Type from MPEG to MP3

If you have an MPEG video with music or sounds that you would like to put on your MP3 player, it is easy to convert it. Here are the steps on how to accomplish changing the file type from MPEG to MP3.

1. Changing the file type from MPEG to MP3 using an online media converter tool.

  • Open your Web browser and on the address bar, type in “” the press go button or hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  • On the media-convert homepage, locate the button for “Browse” and click on it. This will pull up the Open dialogue box.
  • Look for the MPEG file you need to convert. Once you have found the file, highlight it and press the “Open” button.
  • Still on the media-convert homepage, scroll down and search for the drop down field for “Output format”. Click on the drop down button so that it will show you the available format you can use. Look for “MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3), and select that file type.
  • Just across the Output format field, you will see an “OK” button. Hit “OK” and wait for the file to be converted.

2. Downloading media converter software to assist you in converting a media file from MPEG to MP3.

  • Launch your Web browser and on the address bar, input “” and press the go button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard
  • On the upper portion of the webpage, hit the button for “Download”.
  • On the download page, hit the button that says “Download Now” under “Total Video Converter” and it will take you to “” where you can grab the installer from. Click on “Download Now” and wait for Total Video Converter to finish downloading.
  • Install the application as soon as it finishes its download.
  • Launch Total Video Converter by pressing on the “Start” button, clicking on “Programs”, “Total Video Converter” and finally, double clicking on “Total Video Converter”. Since Total Video Converter offers a 15-day evaluation period, it will show you a window that says “Acquire Registration Code” and “I want to try it more”. For now, just hit the button that says “I want to try it more”.
  • Inside Total Video Converter, Import a video. Hitting the “New Task” button and then selecting “Import Media Files” from the menu that shows up will populate the Open dialogue box that you can use to import the MPEG file inside video converter. Highlight the file you want to convert and hit the “Open” button.
  • A new dialogue box will pop out, asking you to select the output format. Hit the button that says “MP3”.
  • Change the settings as necessary, such as adjusting the audio volume and the bit rate by hitting “Settings”. After you have modified the settings, hit “OK” and then “Convert Now” to begin the conversion process.

Wait for the application to finish its conversion process. When the conversion if done, the folder where you saved the MP3 file will pop out.


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