How To Change How Disk Sizes are Displayed

Modifying how the sizes of your disks appear will make it easier for you to sort them out. This process is actually a pretty easy thing to accomplish. Follow the steps below to alter the settings of how disk sizes show up on your computer.

1. Launch Control Panel.
There are three easy ways for you to pull up Control Panel.

(a) Launching Control Panel from the Start Menu.
Using you mouse, hit “Start” then click on “Control Panel’. In case you are using the Classic Start Menu, hover your mouse above “Settings” and then click on “Control Panel”.
(b) Running Control Panel from the Run Command.
Right click on “Start” and select “Run”. On the text field provided, type in “control panel” and hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard or press the “OK” button.

2. Make your way to the “Administrative Tools” folder.
If you set your Control Panel on “Classic View”, look for “Administrative Tools” and double click on its icon. If you set your Control Panel on “Category View”, hit the link to “Performance and Maintenance” and then select “Administrative Tools”.

3. Navigate to the “Computer Management” pane.
On Administrative Tools folder, double click on the icon for “Computer Management”.

4. Collapse “Storage” to view Disk Management.

Notice that the Computer Management window is divided into two panes. On the left pane, you will see “Computer Management (Local)” and its sub categories named “System Tools”, “Storage” and “Services and Applications”. Collapse “Storage” by clicking on the “+” sign beside it. After which, highlight Disk Management by right clicking on it.

5. Pull up the “Settings” dialogue box.
There are actually two ways that you can use to launch the Settings dialogue box:

(a) On the menu bar, hit “View” and then select “Settings”.
(b) Using your mouse, right click on “Disk Management”, highlight “View” and choose “Settings”.

6. Make sure you are on the “Scaling” tab.
When the “Settings” dialogue box populates your screen, you will see two tabs: Appearance and Scaling. Hit the tab for “Scaling”.

7. Change the display settings as you please.
On the Scaling tab, there are two categories that you need to set: Display disks and Display disk regions. Select the radio button that fits your choice of how the disk sizes should appear. Hit “Apply” to save the new settings you made and “OK” to close the dialogue box. Simply close the Computer Management pane when you are done with modifying the settings.

You need to have an administrator account to be able to modify settings on a computer. If you do not have administrator access, contact your network administrator so he or she can provide with one.


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