How To Change HP All-in-One Printer Ink Cartridges

An HP All-in-One Printer works not only as a printer, but as a copier and a scanner as well. Because of its many functions, the ink will eventually run out and you will need to replace it. Read on to learn how to change ink cartridges on the HP All-in-One Printer.

  1. Verify the ink level of the cartridges to determine if you already need to get a new one. Open the ‘HP Solution Center’ from your computer then go to ‘Settings’. Access ‘Print Setting’ then click on ‘Printer Toolbox’. When the ‘Printer Toolbox’ appears on your screen, click on the ‘Estimated Ink Level’ tab where you will see the current ink level for the colored and black ink cartridges.
  2. Purchase a compatible and original HP ink cartridge. HP ink cartridges have specific reorder numbers and you need to purchase the correct one or else it will not work and you risk damaging the printer. Check your HP All-in-One User Manual to get the correct ink cartridge reorder number. Visit your local HP reseller to get the replacement or you can order from HP’s website, Don’t remove the old, drained cartridge yet until you are ready to replace it with a new one as it may damage the HP All-in-One Printer.
  3. Remove the old, drained cartridge from the HP All-in-One Printer. Make sure that the printer is powered on or else you will not be able to remove the ink cartridge. Open the front cover of the printer and the print carriage will automatically move to the right of the printer. Wait for the print carriage to come to a full stop before touching it. Locate the empty ink cartridge, press the tab that releases it from the slot, lift up the cartridge and pull it out. Do not forget to dispose the old cartridge properly.
  4. Replace the new ink cartridge on the empty slot. Remove the new ink cartridge from its packaging and tug on the orange pull-tab to completely remove the plastic wrapped around it. Slide the new cartridge on the empty slot, push it in and lift it slightly upward until it clicks into place in the slot. Close the front cover of the printer and you should be able to use the printer with the new ink cartridge.

If you are replacing multiple ink cartridges in the HP All-in-One Printer, just repeat Steps 3 and 4. Make sure that you do not interchange the position of the ink cartridges. The blank ink cartridge is usually on the extreme right slot, and the colored ink cartridge to its left.


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