How To Change the Background Color in Microsoft Word

As we all know, Microsoft Word’s background color is defaulted to white. If you happen to be bored with the plain old look of your Word Document there is a way to change the background color. You can add more twist to your documents this way. The steps provided are specific for Microsoft Word 2007 and may vary if you are using a different version of Microsoft Word.

  1. Open the Microsoft Word 2007 document on your computer. Background colors can be added to an existing or an old Word document. Load the document you will be adding a background color to on your computer. Double click an existing Word file or open the application and use its Open or New function.
  2. Access the ‘Page Layout’ Tab to add the background color. From the ‘Ribbon’, click on the ‘Page Layout’ tab then click ‘Page Color’. You can choose from the color selection provided under ‘Theme Colors’ or Standard Colors’. If you let the mouse cursor hover on each color you will see a preview of how it looks like on the document. Click on the color you desire to have it applied as the background color. If you click on ‘Fill Effects’ you will be able to tweak the background color’s texture, pattern or gradient. In this step, the background color you applied will only be seen in Microsoft Word 2007 while you are typing your document, but will not be included once you print the document.
  3. Change the Printing Options so the background color will also be included when you print the document. As mentioned earlier, the background color in Step 2 will only be available when you access the document on your computer. To make the background color appear when you print the document, go to ‘Tools’, then ‘Options’ and click on the ‘Print’ tab. Under the section ‘Include with the Document’, make sure that you enable the option ‘Print Background Color and Images’. When you print the document, the background color you have selected in Step 2 will now be the background color of all the pages in the document once printed.

If you want to select a different color as your background, just repeat the procedure stated in Step 2. If in case you changed your mind and you don’t want a background color for your Word document anymore, just follow the steps provided again Step 2, but this time instead of choosing a color after clicking on ‘Page Color’, you will click on the ‘No Fill’ command. Now you know how to add a background color to all of your Microsoft Word Documents.


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