How To Change the Background Picture on a Mac

We often like to use images as the background picture for our desktops. Changing the background picture on a Mac is quite similar to the procedure as done on a PC and it's just as easy. The following are steps on how to go about it.

  1. Choose the image you want as your Mac background picture. The Mac OS X will provide you with numerous ready-made background pictures but if you want to use your own image, make sure that you save a copy of it on the desktop to make it easier to access.
  2. Pull up the ‘System Preferences’ window where we will change the background picture. To pull up the ‘System Preferences’ window, you can: (1) Click on the blue ‘Apple’ icon on the top left portion of the desktop, select ‘System Preferences’ and under ‘Personal’, click on ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’; or (2) Press Control on the keyboard and click once on your mouse, or right click directly on the desktop and choose ‘Change Desktop Background’ from the dropdown that will appear. The ‘Desktop & Screen Saver’ window will pop up on the screen.
  3. Choose the image you want as the background picture. As we have mentioned earlier, you can choose from loads of ready-made background images made by Apple. On the left of the window you will even see different categories, such as ‘Nature’ ‘Plants’, ‘Black and White’ and ‘Abstract’. You can also choose from the photos you have in your iPhoto library folders. Click on the image that you fancy. If you are going to be using an image of your own choice, click on ‘Choose Folder’ and locate the image file, or simply drag and drop the image file on the picture preview box at the top left where you can see three arrows forming a circle. If you want your background to change at intervals, put a checkmark on the ‘Change Picture’ option and specify a time frame. Exit the ‘System Preferences’ window once you are done.
  4. Adjust the position settings for the background picture. If you want to change the position of the background picture, pull up the ‘System Preferences’ window again but instead of choosing ‘Desktop & Screensaver’, click on ‘Appearance’. Here you can choose from ‘Tile on Screen’, ‘Center on Screen’, ‘Scale on Screen’, ‘Fill Screen’ or ‘Position Automatically’.

By following the steps outlined above, you’d be able to change your background picture and even showcase your creativity right on your Mac’s desktop.


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