How To Change the Default Location Where Word Docs Save

The My Documents folder is the default location that Word uses every time you save a doc file. Although you can actually browse for specific folders when you save a document for the first time, you can eliminate this step by simply designating a new default save location.

  1. Launch Word. Click on the program's desktop icon if you placed one there or launch it through the Start button, expanding the All Programs menu. When Word is opened in this way (not by double-clicking a .doc file), the application automatically readies a blank document for you. Whether a pre-existing .doc file or default blank one is open in the main window is inconsequential. The settings you need to modify will apply to all documents made in Word once you execute the changes.
  2. Open the Options dialog box. Click on the Tools menu. From the submenu list that will appear, look for and click on 'Options'. This item is located at the end of the list. The Options dialog box is basically the central location where you can control most of the program's major features from the way you can view documents to the manner it will check for spelling and grammar errors. Each function category has its own Tab page on this dialog box, and each page may contain several options usually in checklist form and may be accompanied with dropdown lists or buttons for more detailed configurations.
  3. Pull up the File Locations tab. Display this tab by simply clicking on the label. You will see a list of File Types and their corresponding locations. Highlight or select the 'Document' file type by clicking once on it. This is the first item on the list. Don’t be mislead into thinking the settings you're looking for are in the Save tab. That tab page contains options for backup, auto recovery and default formats.
  4. Change the default save location. With 'Document' file type item selected, click on the Modify button at the bottom of the list. Alternatively you can also double-click on 'Document'. Either action will open the Modify Location window. This looks exactly like the windows that appear when you save or open a file in Word. You can browse through the various directories and drives until you find the specific folder which you wish to designate as the new default save location. Highlight or select that folder and then click on the OK button. You should now see the name of this folder on the list as the new corresponding location for the Document file type. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the Options dialog box to close it and establish this setting change.

After this configuration, all doc files will now save to that new folder. This is a helpful technique if you plan to create a batch of related documents that revolve around a specific topic or work. This way every time you hit the Ctrl and S keys you know you're storing all those doc files in the same folder.


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