How To Change the Read-Write Speed on a DVD Drive

Changing the read-write speed for your DVD drive ensures that you get the optimum outcome for your burning and reading tasks. For example, when burning data on a DVD, you want to make sure that it does not run into errors. Burn errors waste time and money because the blank disk will become useless afterwards. Changing the read and write speed on your authoring software will, more often than not, prevent this from happening. The following are steps on how to change the read and write speed on your DVD drive for the two most used DVD authoring programs available for Microsoft Windows users.

Changing the read and write speed using Roxio Creator.

  1. Launch Roxio Creator. On your desktop, click the “Start” button and highlight “Programs”. Look for “Roxio Easy Media Creator” folder and hover your mouse on top of the item to collapse the subfolder, then hit “Home”. 
  2. Pull up Roxio’s Options dialogue box. On Roxio Creator Home’s menu bar, hit “Tools” and then select “Options”.
  3. Get inside the “Advanced” section of the General Options. When the Options dialogue box populates your screen, you will see on the left pane of the dialogue box a tree. Look for the “General” node and highlight the branch that says “Advanced”.
  4. Set the read and write speed on the DVD. On the right pane of the Options dialogue box, under “Select Drive Speed”, you will see the name of your drive. If you have more than one DVD drive, click on the drop down menu next to “Drive” and select the drive that you intend to change the read and write speed. After which, next to “DVD”, click the drop down menu and select the speed you want your DVD drive to have. It is recommended that you choose a lower read and write speed, if possible, at least anywhere between 4x to 16x.

Changing the read speed using Nero.

  1. Launch Nero DriveSpeed. On your desktop, hit “Start”, “Programs”, “Nero”, and “Nero Toolkit” and then select “Nero DriveSpeed”.
  2. Adjust the “Read Speed” value. Under “Read Speed”, click the drop down menu and select a speed between 4x to 16x, then click on the “Options” button. Make sure to uncheck “Restore speed settings at startup” so that you would no longer need to change the read speed each time you boot up you computer. Hit “OK” and “Close” to save the new settings.

Changing the write speed using Nero.

  1. Insert a blank disk on the DVD drive then launch Nero Start Smart. If you set the auto-play to launch Nero Start Smart when you insert a blank disk on your DVD drive, proceed to the next step. Otherwise, launch Nero Start Smart by hitting “Start”, “Programs”, “Nero” then select “Nero Start Smart”.
  2. Begin authoring your disk. Select the task you want to perform, i.e. “Make Data DVD”. Add the files you want to burn on the disk and then hit “Next” to take you to the “Final Burn Settings”. Change the speed by clicking on the drop down box next to “Writing speed”. Again, select a speed in between 4x to 16x and then proceed burning the disk.

Adjust the read and write speed as necessary to your computing needs by doing the aforementioned steps.


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