How To Change the Stage Color in Adobe Flash CS4

The tools you need to create your first Flash project are provided in Adobe Flash CS4. Before you begin your project you have to learn to use the basic tools to get you started. Everything you create in the Flash program is done on the stage. This is where people can view your project. You can change the stage color at the beginning of your project then you can add the other elements after.

  1. Create a new document. From the “All Programs” list on the “Start Menu” look for the Adobe Flash CS4 program and select it to launch the program. At the program’s window you can either open a blank document or a Flash File. The kind of document you create depends on what you need. If you are going to make a simple Flash document with no action scripts then a blank document will suffice. If you intend on adding action scripts to your Flash document then pick one of the Flash Files with the ActionScript extensions.
  2. The Flash Stage. The stage in the Flash program is a rectangle on the program’s window. This is where you add illustrations or videos for your flash project. The staging area defines where the contents of your project can be viewed and anything that falls beyond the rectangle cannot be seen. By default the stage is white in color when you open a new document. It can be changed to any color you choose for your project so the background won’t look dull. You can add a single solid color or add a blend of colors with a gradient effect.
  3. Find the Properties Window. Depending on how the “Preferences” was set up on your Flash CS4 program you may or may not see the Properties window. The Properties window should be found at the bottom of your Flash program’s window. If you don’t see it there then you can go to the top of the taskbar and select the “Window” option. On the dropdown menu select “Properties” and the Properties window should appear on the right side of you program’s window.
  4. Change the stage color. At the PROPERTIES panel you will find the “Stage” option at the bottom of the panel. Beside it is a small rectangular box. Click on it to display the color palette. On the color palette look for the color you want for your stage. You can use a solid shade or a gradient on your stage. You can see the result on your stage and if you are not satisfied you can keep changing the color until you find the right one.

The color you select for the stage will add interest to your flash project’s background and make the contents on the stage stand out.


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