How To Charge a Laptop Battery without a Charger

You can still use your computer notebook even if you don’t have an AC adapter or charger. Most alternatives are more convenient and economical than buying a new charger for your laptop. Below are steps and guides on how to charge a laptop battery without a charger.

  • Request an AC adapter from your laptop manufacturer. They might still have an AC adapter for your old laptop unit. Also, visit the store where you purchased your laptop and ask for possible suggestions. They might have branches where they have AC adapter stocks for your laptop unit.     
  • Universal power adapter. The adapter is available at any retail electronics outlet. The price can range from $25 to $100. The adapter has multiple tips. Find a tip that fits your laptop unit. You may have a hard time finding a power adapter if you have an old laptop unit. Try buying a universal power adapter online but buy from a power seller to avoid online scams.
  • Universal air/auto adapter. This solution will work for you if you are always on the road. Auto adapters are like regular power adapters but the end is modified so it can be use as a cigarette lighter when plugged into a car. The auto adapter will charge your laptop while you are in your car or in a flight if it is a combination (air and auto) adapter. Charge your laptop into your car every now and then if you are always on the road. Most laptops just need 2 to 4 hours charging time. Don’t overcharge your laptop to avoid damage.
  • Purchase an external battery charger for your laptop. External battery chargers are standalone devices so you need to remove the battery of your laptop and attach it to your external charger. There is a light indicator to help you determine if your laptop is already charged. External battery chargers are model and brand specific so you must know the specifications of your laptop as you visit different computer shops. An external charger is advantageous because you can charge spare batteries for your laptop.
  • External universal battery pack. It is a great alternative if you can’t find an AC adapter for your laptop. An external universal battery pack can be costlier but they can last longer than laptop batteries. They are convenient because they are portable. They have universal platforms that can work for most laptop computers.

Read your owner’s manual carefully before trying alternatives to avoid further damages on your laptop unit. You can easily download your owner’s manual from the Internet if you have lost your copy.

Buy a new laptop if you need to buy a new computer unit. If possible, avoid pre-owned computer notebooks because electronic equipment depreciates easily. Contemplate on the features that you want in a computer unit before buying one. New laptop models have 8 hours battery life and that is something to be cherished. Also, a laptop is cheaper because of constant releases and competition among laptop manufacturers.


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