How To Check Ink in an HP Printer

Not enough ink in the printer’s cartridges typically causes printing problems such as blurry images. Periodic checking of the cartridges has to be done to avoid such issues. Fortunately, HP printers are equipped with a software application that allows easy checking of the level of its various ink cartridges. Here's how to check ink in an HP printer on your Windows XP computer.

1. Access the Control Panel on your Windows XP computer.
Fist click on the Start menu to pull up its respective menu. From there, go to the left column and select Control Panel by clicking on it once.

2. Pull up the Printers and Faxes window.
On the Control Panel window, locate the printer icon labeled Printers and Faxes. Double click on this icon to be directed to the Printers and Faxes window.

3. Select the HP printer that has to be checked for ink levels.
On the Printers and Faxes window are listed the various printers currently installed on your computer. Simply locate the printer that needs to have its cartridges checked. Now, direct your mouse pointer onto the icon of this specific printer and right click on your mouse.

4. Access the properties window of your printer.

From the dropdown menu that pops up on your computer screen, highlight and select the second option Printing Preferences from the list by clicking on it once. The Printing Preferences window will then be displayed on your screen.

5. Open the HP printer's toolbox.
On the Printing Preferences window are two tabs displayed. Select the second tab labeled Services by clicking on it. From there, click on the button that says Service this device. Another window, the HP Printer Toolbox window, will pop up. Displayed there are three tabs namely Device Services, Estimated Ink Level, and Configuration.

6. Start the process of checking the ink level on your HP printer.
Select the second tab Estimated Ink Level. The software application will automatically start the process of checking the ink level on your HP printer's cartridges. After it is done checking, a window containing column-type charts representing the ink levels of the various cartridges will be displayed.

HP inkjet printers are installed with internal memory cards. These cards read the contact strip embedded at the back of the cartridges. Since this is the case, then the program that allows checking of ink levels will only recognize HP ink cartridges. You may then encounter some problems with ink level readings if the installed ink cartridges are not of the HP brand or have previously been refilled.


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