How To Choose a Template for a PowerPoint Presentation

The success of any PowerPoint presentation can be attributed to a number of factors.  First and foremost, a successful presentation will depend largely on the content.  However, even if you have the content right down pat, using a template for your slides that is not appropriate for the environment of the presentation can prove to be a distraction to your audience.  Using a template with a crude combination of colors can be a sight for sore eyes that may lead to your audience just listening instead of experiencing the whole plethora of your presentation.  Whether you are using a PowerPoint presentation for a business meeting or for a casual event, you will need to know how to choose the perfect template for the occasion. 

  1. Choose a template.  The first thing you should do in choosing the perfect template to keep your audience at the edge of their seats is to open the presentation you plan to present.  If you have used a template or are just using a plain white background, do not worry as this can be changed easily.  Now you will need to look for the different templates available.  Click on the menu “designs” at the top of the page and this should show an option for templates.  Click on that and it will lead you to the template selection menu.  Normally, MS PowerPoint will already have integrated template designs available for use.  If you do not see anything you like, you can go online and look for templates.  Just click on the “more themes at Microsoft Office online”.  This should bring you to Microsoft’s website where more templates can be found and downloaded.  In any case, you should be able to find a template suitable for your presentation there.
  2. Use an appropriate template.  In every presentation, it is important to maintain certain decorum.  This pertains to the actual presentation tool you will use.  If you are giving a professional or business presentation, choose a template that looks professional and business-like.  You don’t want to use a cartoonish template with bright colors when you are presenting your slides to a company’s CEO.  Templates should be appropriate to the environment.
  3. Choose the appropriate text color.  Once you choose a specific template, you will need to edit the text color of the content to fit with the template color.  This is needed to ensure that the text in your slides will be readable.  A good rule of thumb to follow is if your template is dark colored, use text with light colors and vice versa.
  4. Do not overcrowd your slides.  It is important to remember that each slide should only have 4-6 lines of text maximum on it.  This is the rule to ensure that your slides are easy to read and that your template’s effect is optimized.  Following these guidelines will ensure a smoother presentation.

The attention of your audience in any presentation is necessary in effectively communicating the message you want to them.  This is difficult to do if you do not choose the right template for your PowerPoint presentation.  Follow all the guidelines in creating a presentation and choose the template carefully.


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