How To Choose a Western Digital Caviar Hard Drive

A hard drive is a type of storage device. It is often called a hard disk drive, HDD or simply hard disk. This type of storage device is usually made of metal, with a magnetic drive enclosed inside. Its main purpose is to store digital data.

The first hard drive was created in 1956 by IBM. It functioned as a removable storage for computers. This was to allow additional storage for a more efficient computing experience.

Computers use two kinds of HDD storage. These are the desktop and mobile hard drives. Mobile hard drives are small and compact hard drives. The downside to external HDDs is that their small size is a factor for their low power capacity and subsequently low transfer rate. They also cost more than their desktop counterpart. A standard mobile drive has speeds of up to 5,400 to 7,200 rpm only.

A desktop hard drive is far more efficient and reliable than its counterpart. A current desktop HDD can store up to 2 TB of data. It has a better transfer rate of up to 3 GBs and speeds reaching 10,000 rpm.

One of the most popular computer storage companies is Western Digital. Established in April of 1970, they started the business by making calculator chips. Their entry to the data storage industry started in the 1980s, with the production of HDD controllers. It was also the time when they launched their first 8-bit VGA card, the WD Paradise.

The popularity of Paradise came to a halt in 1991 due to the rise of ATA and SCSI drives. They started creating a new form of hard drive design, the Caviar. It adapted its name from the famous delicacy. Caviar is commonly served as a garnish for Russian or gourmet food. The most popular caviar varieties are the red caviar, osetra and whitefish caviar. The Petrossian Company is one of the famous makers of quality caviars.

Caviar is the name given to Western Digital's IDE-type hard drives. It has been one of their best-selling storage devices. The name is synonymous to performance and solidity. The HDD architecture combines top quality and efficient operation which can be used for both PC and Mac.

Today, WD Caviar hard drives have three types depending on the user's needs. These are the Caviar Black, Caviar Green and Caviar Blue.

  • Caviar Black is a HDD intended for computers that require maximum performance. It is created for users that have high-end applications that demand more computing power. Caviar Black is packed with 3Gb/s speed, using 7,200 rpm and a massive 64 MB cache size. This top of the line hard drive is available in 500 GB to 2 TB capacities.
  • Caviar Green is Western Digital's version of eco-friendly storage media. It uses minimal power and runs very quietly. This hard drive also uses WD's patented technology called "IntelliPower." It represents the balance of speed and balance to provide a cooler and solid operation. This quality hard drive comes in 500 GB to 1.5 TB variations.
  • Caviar Blue is a hard drive that promises solid performance for standard computers. It is suitable for regular PCs that do not demand rigorous computing. This hard drive keeps the device at low temperature even when operating. Its patented WhisperDrive technology keeps the drive within minimal noise levels. This hard drive comes with 250 GB to 750 GB capacities and up to 16 MB cache size.

Knowing the different types of Western Digital Caviar HDD will give you detailed information about their product. It will serve as your guide in buying the most suitable hard drive that fits your needs. Surely, the Caviar hard drive is a must-have for tech gift baskets. 


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