How To Choose the Best Headset for Skype

Skype revolutionized Internet messaging when it offered easy-to-use, high-quality, and free computer-to-computer calls over the Internet. Using your own computer, an Internet connection, audio speakers, and a microphone, you can make calls to other people who are hooked to the Internet. The software to use is Skype, and it can be downloaded at no cost. With Skype, you can make free calls to other Skype users. Or, you can call landline phones and mobile phones at very low prices.

If you recently bought a laptop, it is most likely ready for Skype calls. Most laptops these days already come with a built-in microphone and speaker system. These two are required for making Skype calls. Or, if you have a desktop computer, you probably already have speakers and a microphone attached to your audio input jacks in front or at the back of your computer’s casing.

Why then, would you ever need a headset for use with Skype? Only two reasons: convenience and comfort.

Imagine calling up your business associate through Skype. If you are using a laptop, your associate’s voice will be heard through the speakers, and you will need to bend a little forward towards your laptop’s built-in mic. If the call is private and confidential, you wouldn’t want everyone in the same room as you to hear your discussion of your project proposal with your associate. If the call takes hours, you wouldn’t want to slouch forward the whole time. This scenario is essentially the same as when you make Skype calls on a desktop computer with speakers and an input microphone. It is in this kind of scenario that you would wish for a more comfortable and convenient solution:  headsets.

Headsets merge earphones and a microphone into one gadget that you can fit over your head. The earphones allow you to hear your partner’s voice without letting everyone else hear it. The attached microphone, of course, allows you to speak without having to bend forward.

Almost every headset available out there will work very well with Skype. But, if you want the best one, you will have to be smarter in choosing which headset to buy. You might want to visit Skype’s official website, as it offers several headset models that will suit your various needs. The headsets that the site recommends are Skype-certified - this is another way of saying that the headsets are known to work seamlessly with Skype and will give you good sound quality.

If you prefer to look for alternative headsets, you can do so, too. Just make sure you are buying a headset - not just headphones. The best headset for use with Skype - or any other audio software for that matter - is one that will match your needs and values. If you want really cool-looking headset designs, there are hundreds available out there. But, always go for quality. You don’t want to buy a headset that will give up after several months of use. You will also want a headset that will give you good sound quality - both input and output. So, test-drive a headset first before digging into your wallet. Also consider the warranty for the headset. Some manufacturers will give you warranty coverage ranging between one month to two years.

If you find one that suits your needs and taste, then congratulations. Your headset will give you a very convenient and comfortable experience whenever you use Skype to call your friends, family, and colleagues over the Internet.


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