How To Clean a Trackball Mouse

A trackball mouse is sure greater than the ordinary mouse there is in the market. It provides you great convenience every time you navigate your computer. This is true because a trackball mouse does not require you to move it around from time to time while exploring your computer screen. However, this great convenience provided by this mouse can be useless if dirt has already collected inside it.

When this happens, this does not mean that you have to suffer from the mouse being difficult to maneuver. You don’t even have to consider replacing it with a new one either. A simple cleaning job can make your trackball mouse run again as smoothly as before. Here, check out these steps in the effective cleaning of this type of mouse:

  • Find the mouse's trackball. Flip over the mouse so that you can have a good view of its trackball. If you check the hole right on the mouse's bottom, you can see there exactly where the trackball is.
  • Remove the mouse’s trackball from the body. Hold the mouse upside down on your palm to help you safely remove the trackball. Grab a pencil and stick it right through the hole. Make sure that you are using the pencil's end where the eraser sits. This action will allow the trackball to separate from the body of the mouse.
  • Prepare your cleaning materials. All you need for this cleaning process is a window cleaning solution and a Q-tip. If you don't have a Q-tip, a couple of toothpicks will do plus a cotton ball. Simply put one side of the cotton ball right between the two toothpicks.
  • Wash the mouse bearings. Using a Q-tip that is dipped in a window cleaning solution, scrape off any dirt buildup in the mouse bearings through the trackball window.
  • Clean the sensors. After the bearings have been covered, proceed cleaning just the corner of the mouse sensor window. Do this as well on all the other areas around the mouse bearings and sensor. Make it a point to do this gently. This is necessary so that you do not scratch or damage the sensor at any point.
  • Dry the cleaned areas. Using your Q-tip’s dry end or another home-made Q-tip, wipe off all of the areas that you have worked on. This will help to quicken up the drying process.
  • Assemble the trackball mouse back. Put back the trackball into its original position in the mouse. Test it afterwards so that you can see whether it is already clean or not. If the mouse cannot still be maneuvered smoothly, remove the trackball again. Simply repeat all the steps above to redo the cleaning process. Do this until such time that your trackball mouse is not anymore skipping or dragging whenever it is used.

Through the proper cleaning of your trackball mouse from time to time, you can be certain that every computer navigation process will come out to be a smooth one. Hence, the moment you notice something unusual with the performance of the mouse, pop out the trackball and make it spotless clean.


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