How To Clean Touch Screen Monitors

The use of touch screen monitors in many applications like ATM machines, cash registers and other computer based programs has become quite popular these days. Touch screen monitors are very convenient to use because everything that you need to do with an application is there since you can both give input as well as receive output from it at the same time. You do not need a track pad, keyboard and mouse to operate a computer because all you need to do is touch the screen and lo – results will just appear before your eyes.

To optimize the efficiency of touch screen monitors, proper care and regular cleaning are important. Here are tips you can follow in cleaning touch screen monitors:

  • Prepare the needed materials: screen cleaner kit (usually given free when you purchase your computer with touch screen monitor), distilled water, alcohol, clean cloth (cotton or lint-free) and soft brush (similar to the ones used for applying make up).
  • Close all programs from the computer then turn off and unplug both the touch screen and computer. Always remember that in cleaning any electrical equipment, you should turn it off and remove the plug from the socket to avoid electrical shock. In the case of touch screen monitors, another reason why you should turn it off while cleaning is that when the screen is glowing, you may not see the areas that need cleaning because the light will glare your eyes.
  • Brush the screen with the soft brush. Take extra care in brushing the ridges on the sides of the monitor because dust may have lodged in this area.
  • Use distilled water in wetting the piece of clean cloth or lint-free cloth. Remove excess water by squeezing the cloth hard. Bear in mind that cleaning the screen with cloth that is dripping wet might harm the equipment as water might get inside and ruin the mechanism of the monitor.
  • Wipe the screen lightly with the damp cloth. Do it in vertical motion starting from the top to the way down. If there are areas that are greasy or dusty, apply gentle pressure to get rid of the dirt.
  • Scrub the monitor gently with cloth wet with alcohol if there are spots that are hard to clean. With constant usage, dirt on your touch screen monitor may not be immediately removed with just plain water. Make sure though that the alcohol does not contain abrasive substances that may scratch or damage the monitor. Using baby wipes is also acceptable as they are gentle and soft enough to be used on delicate touch screen monitors.
  • Clean the monitor with a cleaner kit if you have an available one. As said, some stores give free screen cleaner kits upon purchase of the gadget. You may also buy the cleaner kit from electronic stores and computer dealers.
  • Avoid touching the screen with your finger tips while cleaning it. The best technique is to wrap and cover your hand with the cloth so you will not leave smudges and finger marks on the screen.

To really keep your monitor clean and grease free all the time, keep a regular cleaning schedule, for say – once or twice a week. Cover it with clean lint-free cloth when not in use for a long time to keep off dust and other foreign elements.


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