How To Clean Your LCD, Plasma, and Other Delicate Screens

After toiling hard at work, you decide that it is high time you reward yourself. You now find yourself in the appliance store, inquiring about the latest television set. And in the next instant your living room is now home to wide screen plasma TV.

A part of you is excited to use it. And another is hesitant to wear down an expensive equipment. Here are some tips on how to clean delicate screens so you can use them with little guilt.

  • Clean up kit. To care for your screens you must be prepared. It is a must to own a microfiber screen cloth. And have some water handy when cleaning your screens. Remember its microfiber screen cloth and water, the universal cleaner.
  • It begins. Never clean a TV set that is still running with electricity. Turn the TV set off. And pull the plug for safety measure. This way you can clean the TV set without any worries of being electrocuted. With the fear of electrocution out of the way on to the next tip.
  • Wipe it good. The foremost form of dirt in delicate TV screens is dust. Like most TV screens it is easy to remove dust by wiping. But if you use an ordinary cloth on your LCD or plasma screen, expect scratches to appear. That is why you need the microfiber screen cloth. It is made especially for camera lenses and delicate TV screens. Wipe the screen with a dry microfiber cloth to remove loose dust on the surface. You can get microfiber screen cloth at computer shops.
  • Smudge, fingerprints, and dirt. For deeper set dirt, wiping with a dry microfiber screen cloth is enough. Dampen the cloth first. It is vital that it is only damp and not wet. A wet cloth will ruin any TV. If the cloth is damp, gently rub the dirty surface. As you can see the microfiber screen cloth is your TV screen’s best friend.
  • Hardened dirt. There are some types of dirt that would not simply go away. Dirt like ink and stains. The solution is a homemade solution. All it takes is water and isopropyl alcohol. Take note that only isopropyl alcohol is allowed. To make the solution, mix one part water and one part isopropyl alcohol. Now, with the solution ready, dampen the microfiber screen cloth. Try the solution on the screen. If the TV screen reacts, stop using immediately. If the deeply set dirt is removed, then gently continue rubbing the dirt out. Keep repeating the gentle motion until the deeply set dirt is completely removed from you LCD or plasma screen.
  • Don'ts in cleaning. Never substitute microfiber screen cloth with any other regular cloth or paper. Paper towels, tissue, and regular towel will most definitely scratch your LCD or plasma screen. Your TV is a fine investment. Going the extra mile with a special cleaning cloth is all worth it.

Now you can watch all your favorite movies, shows, sports programs and DVDs in high quality and with little worries.


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