How To Compare Monitoring Software Programs

If you’re running an office and you have a lot of computers to monitor, it would be a lot more efficient if you can have a program that would allow you to babysit your systems. It’s not just about making sure that nobody goes around and browses through nasty sites during the time of work, it’s also to check whether or not some remote users are using your systems for unauthorized operations that can be potentially hazardous for the welfare and productivity of your business.

There are many software monitoring programs in the market. It would be very hard to select one if you didn’t know how to properly compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each product. Here’s how you can do it well using very basic criteria.

  1. Consider the number of features that the software comes with. Usability and user friendliness would certainly factor in choosing which program you have to buy.
  2. The ease of installation should definitely be one consideration. If you have a lot of computers, it would be very tiring and cumbersome to have to go through a very exhaustive and ridiculously long process just to install a monitoring software.
  3. The proof of any good program meant to monitor is its effectiveness to really take control of the situation and detect everything that is being done to and with your computer systems. There are many things that could be  monitored. For instance, there are programs that take note of the keystrokes made by a user as well as the web surfing history. There are also some that takes into account the chat messenger recordings, file transfers and person-to-person downloading activity. There are also operations that are meant to monitor e-mail use and e-mail attachments. Of course, it’s great to have all the features but if you really have to prioritize, think of the things that you really need to have. It’s not really about getting the most features – it is about getting the feature that matter the most.
  4. There are also various ways that programs keep their records and document the activity they have monitored. Compare the different systems when it comes to the clarity of their reports and how they fit what you need.
  5. Check out online and other publications that feature reviews of the programs in question.
  6. Lastly, with all things being equal, the last consideration should be the price. How important is it really for you to have a monitoring program for your computers? Is it worth top dollar costs or will you be willing to spend just a little for the service. Compare the prices of the software programs that you’re considering before committing to the one that you’ll eventually get.

Just like in getting other things, scouting for the best monitoring program is no different. You have to do your homework to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your hard earned bucks. Just compare the software very carefully and commit to the one that has the most promise.


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