How To Configure a Printer Tray

In offices and home offices, you may have to switch regularly from one paper size to another when you are printing. Others may have to print business cards or shipping labels while some offices may even have a pre-printed stationary that they use for their printouts. If this is the case, you need to configure manually the printer every time you have to switch to different paper types. You can configure a printing tray on both Mac and Windows computers. However, this option will only be available if the printer you use supports this feature.  Using multiple-tray printers can save you time, energy and money. Multiple-tray printers allow you to choose which tray you will use to process a certain type of print job. This feature is very useful especially for those people who regularly changes printing options for every print job.

The following are the steps on how to configure printer trays.

  • Connect and install the printer to your computer. To install a printer, check the user manual of the printer you bought. You will find instructions on how to do this. If you are installing a local printer, just simply connect the printer directly to the computer. Install the device using the installer disk included in your device. If the printer is a USB model, your computer will automatically detect the device once you connect it.
  • Go to the print option of your word processor. After the installation is complete, turn your printer on and open the document that you want to print. On the word processor, click the “File” menu. You will find this at the very top of your word processor. Select “Print”. You can also use a keyboard shortcut for this. Just press “Ctrl + P” and the print option window will automatically appear. The print option window is where you can set up the configuration of your printer, including the options for the printer tray.
  • Go to “Properties”. On the print option, you will find the “Properties” menu at the upper-right part of the window. Go to the “Properties” menu and a new window will pop-up.
  • Click the “Paper Source” or “Paper/Quality”. On the “Properties” window, look for the option “Paper Source” or “Paper/Quality”. The name of this tab depends on what type of printer you use. If you are using a Mac operating system, search for “Layout” option and open it using the drop-down menu. Once you are there, click the “Paper Feed” option where you will set up the printer tray configuration.
  • Choose the printer tray you want to configure. On the “Paper Source” or “Paper/Quality” drop-down menu, choose the printer tray where you want to send the document that you open. Click “Ok” to save the new configuration of your printer tray. For Mac users, click on “All pages from” drop-down menu under “Paper Feed” option. This is where you will find the option asking for the printer tray where you want to send the document. Once you are down, click “Print” and the document will come out of the tray that you selected.

These are the steps on how you can configure printer tray. To configure the other trays, simply follow the same steps.


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