How To Connect a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse

With today’s modern computers, plugging in a mouse should be a no-brainer, particularly with the popular USB interface. Gone are the days when you had to hunt and peck for the right port to plug your mouse, which was either serial or PS/2. With the USB interface, you just had to look for a free port, plug in the mouse, and it should work.

Today’s wireless technology even makes it easier. You don’t need wires to connect your mouse to your computer. Wireless mice give you the convenience of no longer have to deal with an additional wired piece of equipment. You have less clutter on your desk, and if you’re using a laptop, that’s one less piece of wire clutter in your laptop bag.

Connecting a wireless mouse might involve two different methodologies. One involves the wireless mouse that has its proprietary connection. Another is the wireless mouse that connects using standard Bluetooth. Logitech creates such wireless mice, and it comes in both proprietary and Bluetooth versions.

  • For best results, start with a clean bootup. If you need to plug in a USB receiver and base station to your computer, it’s best if you turn it off first. While computers and peripherals are plug-and-play, sometimes you get conflicts when you plug in a device with all sorts of other applications running.
  • If your mouse comes with removable batteries, install the batteries now. If it comes with rechargeable batteries, plug it or place it on the base station or cradle. This will ensure that the mouse has enough charge for use. Sometimes, connecting the mouse to the base station will also initialize the connection for your first use.
  • Turn on the computer. If your mouse came with a USB base station, then the mouse should connect automatically. If your mouse came with an installation CD, insert it into your computer’s CD bay to install the drivers.
  • Otherwise, your mouse might be standalone, and connects through the computer’s built-in standard Bluetooth interface. For this to work, make sure that Bluetooth is running on your computer. You will usually see this as an icon on your taskbar’s system tray (on Windows) or menu bar (on the Mac). Click the icon and select “Add a Device.”
  • Your OS will look for compatible devices that can connect using Bluetooth. When you see the name of your mouse on the selection window, select it.
  • You will be prompted to enter a Bluetooth passcode. Refer to your mouse’s user manual for this code. By default, this is usually 0000 or 1234, but different models or manufacturers might set the password differently.
  • Note that while you are setting up your Bluetooth mouse for first use, you will need to have a wired mouse plugged in, so you can manipulate the Bluetooth settings for your mouse to work.
  • Also, note that if your mouse has a rechargeable battery, it will require several recharge cycles before you can reach full capacity.


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