How To Connect Two Monitors to One Computer

Man with two monitors

Having two monitors connected to one computer boosts your work efficiency whether you are a graphic designer, a gamer, or an average user.

Resources needed:

  • Video Card
The video card role is to produce the output images from your computer to a display unit. If you don’t have a video card installed in your computer’s central processing unit, you won’t be able to add a second monitor. Newer video cards support dual monitor ports but if your computer came with only 1 port, either you buy a second video card or purchase a monitor switchbox and connect both monitors in it.
  • Monitor Switchbox
VGA switchboxes allows you to extend or duplicate the display on your computer to another monitor.

Steps when using a second video card or dual-port video card:

  1. Turn your computer off. Make sure to unplug the computer from the power supply to prevent short-circuiting the motherboard.
  2. Disconnect all devices connected to the CPU.
  3. Safely detach the CPU’s casing. After removing the casing, ground yourself by touching the casing.
  4. Get rid of the old video card you have if using a dual-port video card, or simply slide in the new video card if using a second video card.
  5. Replace the casing back around the CPU’s bracket and reconnect all devices that were disconnected prior to installing the video card.
  6. Situate both monitors beside each other and next to the computer’s CPU and hook the SVGA cables from the monitors into the video card.
  7. Turn the computer on. Install necessary software for the new video card.

Steps when using a monitor switchbox:

  1. Turn your computer off.
  2. Situate both monitors beside each other and next to the computer’s CPU.
  3. Connect the SVGA cables of both monitors to the Monitor switchbox. Most switchboxes have built-in cables that you can use to connect both monitors to it. If the one you have doesn’t built-in cables, use the built-in cables of your monitor and safely secure it to the switchbox.
  4. Turn the computer on. Monitor switchboxes are mostly plug-and-play and does not require software installation to use.

Configure and set preferences for both of your monitors in your computer’s Display Properties after either installing a second video card or using a switchbox. This is done by:

  1. Navigate to your computer’s Display Settings. Click the right button on your mouse and hit Properties or navigate to the Control Panel and hit the icon for Display.
  2. Once in the Display Properties box, click the tab for settings.
  3. In the settings tab, click the Identify button for your computer’s system to display both monitors connected to the CPU. Once done clicking the identify button, you will see a number on both of your monitor. This number represents the primary and secondary monitor. Select which monitor is primary and secondary and hit the Okay button to save changes.

Using two monitors is easy to setup and configure and the cleverness of this setup will save you the hassle of purchasing a larger and expensive display unit.


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