How To Create a Paperclip Drive Opener

You’re late for a presentation and you’ve just copied the necessary files to a CD or DVD, but in your haste you turned off the computer and forgot to eject the CD disk from the CD ROM drive. Or you haven’t turned off your computer and remembered to eject the CD disk from the CD ROM drive but the drive’s door won’t open when you push that button to eject. There’s a solution to get to your CD or DVD disk without having to turn on your computer again and wait for it to boot and load all the programs before you can eject your disk or open the CD or DVD ROM door even if the eject button has malfunctioned.

1. Find a thin paper clip.

The usual wire paper clips are thin enough. Don’t use paper clips that have special coatings on them to make it look prettier. The special coating makes the paper clip thicker and won’t be useful for our purpose.

2. Bend out the paper clip to straighten it.

Pull the ends of the paper clip to take it out of its position and try to straighten it. Make sure the parts where they were bent are as straight as possible. Try not to alter the ends of the paper clip where it is the straightest.

3. Locate the hole on the CD ROM face.

On the face of the CD ROM, you will see a tiny hole, usually found near the eject button or slightly above the LED.

4. Insert the paper clip in the hole.

Carefully position the paper clip in the hole and gently push it in. You will feel the paper clip bump into something; this is the gear that will release the CD ROM door.

5. Gently push the paper clip inside.

When you push the paper clip against the gear, it will move the CD ROM door outward and allow you to get to your disk. You will have to push repeatedly until the door is fully open so as not to damage the disk when you extract it.

6. Close the CD ROM door.

Once you have the disk, you can now close the CD ROM door by gently pushing it inward until it is fully closed.

The CD or DVD ROM is built with gears and bands to open and close its door. If the computer is turned off or the CD ROM malfunctions, the door cannot be electronically ejected, so the paper clip method of opening the drive allows you to open the door manually and get to the CD or DVD disk inside.


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