How To Delete Pictures from a Hard Drive

Photographs are part of everyone's lives.  Almost every one of us wants to capture moments like their baby's first step, first communion, first date, teen prom, and all those important events of each and every member of the family.  Now that a camera is always handy, we can turn our daily activities into memorable pictures.  We can capture moments that we feel memorable to our family and friends.  Some even start projects like taking pictures of the daily food they eat, daily sunsets for 365 days, a year-round Lego project, and a lot more.  Taking pictures have never been so easy that almost everyone now have hundreds of pictures either on their mobile phones or in their computer memory. 

Eventually, the accumulation of pictures slows down your computer and eats up a big part of your device memory.  Unfortunately, some of your pictures must really go.

Read through and find out how you can delete pictures from your hard drive.

  • Let's say that "My Pictures" is your default folder for uploading pictures (this is usually the default setting for most computers) from your digital camera and this folder is in the "My Documents" of your computer. To go to "My Pictures," click "Start" on your desktop, then click "My Documents" and here you'll find "My Pictures."
  • To delete pictures one by one, right click on the picture then click "Delete." Or, simply press the Delete key.
  • If you want to delete several pictures all at the same time, press and hold the control (CTRL) key and click on all the pictures that you want to remove. Clicking the file will highlight it. If you accidentally clicked on a picture that you do not want to remove, click that picture again to undo. After you finish selecting all the pictures you want to remove, right click on any of the highlighted pictures. On the drop-down menu that will pop out, click on delete.
  • Whether you deleted pictures one by one or all at the same time, all the pictures you deleted will be transferred to the "Recycle Bin." This means that even though the files have been deleted from your "My Pictures," these items still eats up space on your memory. So, go to your "Recycle Bin" and click on "Empty Recycle Bin" to permanently delete all the files located there. After doing this step, there will be no more undo's since this action permanently deletes all files that are located in the "Recycle Bin."

You might find it hard to delete these pictures since these are all those small sentimental things.  To make it easier for you to let go of these little souvenirs, You should create a back-up either on an external hard drive or a flash drive before deleting them from your computer.  This gives you the chance to recover pictures that you already removed from your computer.

Deleting pictures from your computer should take no more than 15 minutes.  But it might take longer or shorter depending on the speed of your computer, the number of pictures and the size of the files you are trying to remove. 


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